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Bainbridge Island, Washington.

August 10th, 2001

For A While Longer
Thursday. Just the slightest hangover this morning, a good night's sleep, a slight, every so slight dizziness, more like an off kilter balance mechanism in the ears, something I remember from my salad days of wine and more wine, beer and more beer, whiskey, when we could get it. But light, you know, like the day after the day after.

I dropped by the City Center concert after work and shot two rolls of film. The group's manager asked me if I were a professional photographer and I said I wasn't, but if she gave me her card, I'd send prints and, if she wished, she could use them for promotional purposes. I need to do more of this. I have this urge to shoot pictures at a club, low light and all of that, which is weird, as I once decided I would never again go to another club to hear another band on my own volition. I assume there's still some demand for photographers who can deliver a print and don't charge for their services. Professional photographers don't like to hear this, photography can be a brutal way to earn a living, but it's the way it works. Scab laborer, moi. That isn't really accurate. Bands who play at City Centers don't have money for photographs, not real photographs shot by actual photographers.

This is the day I stop taking my blood thinner in preparation for the prostrate biopsy I have Bainbridge Island, Washington scheduled for Monday. I'm taking Monday off. Maybe I'm taking Tuesday off. I've heard two things about this biopsy. From my cousin, who had it done at least twice, it was like having someone snap a rubber band against your skin. It stung, but it was no big deal, given the gravity of the undertaking and the potential results. Another experience, related to me by someone at the office, was that it was the most painful experience he'd ever had in his life. Which makes you think. At which end of the spectrum am I? So Monday I'll find out. The instructions say plan to take the day of the biopsy and perhaps the day after the day of the biopsy off. I'll take as much time as I need. Am I worried about the results? Well, the doctor asked me if I seemed to be urinating more often than in the past, and I wondered. I think I am. Which I think is not good. I think I'd best be ready for another step after this one, keep my head down and keep on trucking.

I received an order from Land's End today, two on sale cotton collarless shirts which seem to fit, collar and sleeve length OK, although they're roomy around the middle. I'm not sure I take a large anymore. And a pair of pants that have a two inch smaller waist. I've been losing weight these last three months and I was thinking, well, let's throw caution to the wind and order a smaller size. They fit. Almost. I can button them and all that, but they're just a tad snug, another two weeks, I think, and all will be roomier. This is good. Some things go well, some things go less well, take the good ones and run.

Friday. Wore the pants anyway. Not so bad. Tight. Put them away for a while longer.

The banner photograph was taken in my hallway, the second was taken on Bainbridge Island in Washington. The quote is from The Zen Koan, by Miura and Sasaki.