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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.


SF Gay Pride Parade 2000

August 14th, 2000

Day After
Monday. I think all my parts are in place. I think the sore throat is gone (Careful, now, careful. Someone may be listening.) and I think the cold is receding into history. I need a good night's sleep tonight.

Tuesday. The cold is better, last night's sleep pretty good. Things are picking up at the office and I suspect I will be shifting my gears pretty soon again into eCommerce time. I ran into my friend MSW yesterday on the elevator and I noticed she was sporting a new, much shorter, very clearly and cleverly styled look with her new haircut. MSW is part chameleon and likes to change her reality now and again just to see who's paying attention. I dropped by her office later to point to the much less radical trim I'd gotten across the street an hour before. Actually, I do look different after a haircut, any old sort of a haircut, as my hair grows, seems to flow, straight out of my head. You can almost see it move and a trim makes a big difference. Anyway, yes, she said, her new eCommerce buzz cut. Ouch. There's a longer story behind that remark, maybe there's a story like it at your own office, but believe me: ouch!

I finished the first part, really the first installment, of a writing project that I've been fighting SF Gay Pride Parade 2000. for some time. I've been wondering why. It's not really that big a deal, although it requires a commitment if it's going to be done right and there is some ego involved. This weekend, the local public television station was in the middle of one of their fund raising drives, during which they broadcast as they often do every self help - get rich - find God - grow a garden program ever made, all the while asking for money. One of those programs talked about procrastination and some of its underpinnings. Right, I thought. Ask and you shall receive. Turn on the television set and some idiot twit will unravel your life of error in the short time between two commercials, or, in the case of public television, in the short time between two sponsor's announcements. They said something interesting.

If you procrastinate more than is sensible, then it may be because you are procrastinating at doing the one important thing in your life that you really should be doing. Until you can start to do that one whatever thing, you will procrastinate with everything else from unpacking boxes to fixing the bed (I have this thing about fixing the bed.) and laundry. Well, OK, I was getting desperate. I had a deadline, some semi-coherent notes and nothing written. So I sat down and started. And I will continue, I think. And now I'm wondering how long it will take for everything else to fall into place and so, beleaguered reader, I sit here after this gobble-de-gook explanation, looking at my laundry baskets and thinking, well, now (as they promised) all will happen. No more procrastination. Clean towels. Clean sheets. But tomorrow, I think. Day after.

I read Rien's journal today Taiko, July 87 - Aug 2000. and learned his cat Taiko had died. Odd, that you should get to know a cat through a journal. We talk about our cats more than we should, I suppose, but they are a part of our lives, want them or not. The family cat, the family dog. They're not as important as many things and sometimes they seem a great deal of trouble. We say that. But then they go and they take a part of us with them. Sorry to hear of Taiko, Rien. I'm thinking tonight of all of the cats who have chosen to travel their lives with us.

The photographs were taken at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. The quote under The Sole Proprietor title is by Christina Georgina Rossetti, except the proper quote is "Better by far you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad" from Remember, 1862.