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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


April 26, 2017


Wednesday. Another night like last night. Lights out after nine, but awakening at five-thirty or so, half an hour earlier than I'd have liked. Still, otherwise felt pretty good and so up at six to get ready to head out to breakfast, checking the window to find the pavement was wet and so drove rather than walked. Turned out for the best. No East Bay Times, but, setting out a little earlier this morning than usual, I wasn't surprised.

The conservative oatmeal, toast, fruit cup and coffee breakfast, taking my time reading the papers. Easy enough to extend the time usually taken to read two the papers to the length of time usually taken to read all three.

Took pictures to document the bump in gas prices, took two out of focus pictures of first, the pandorea buds that seem to have been trimmed back since yesterday (who's doing that?) and another, less out of focus, of whatever flower that might be. Took me a year to learn the pictures I'd been taking of the pandorea vines were in fact called pandorea vines, native to Australia. Now that they've added others it may well take me another year or more to learn their names.

A haircut scheduled for eleven and so we'll be catching a bus in another hour. Hope it's over this raining business for the day.

Later. That was easy enough. Overcast, grey clouds, but not raining and so caught the bus to the City Center and the haircut to finish and find myself crossing Broadway to the stop just as the bus appeared. Hungry, but not into anything I could pickup along the way, and so straight home to cook up a package of noodle soup I had on hand. Seems to have been the trick.

Thinner cloud cover now that it's after one, looks like we're finished with the rain.

Evening. A Wednesday and so watched a series of Law & Order episodes I've seen before. (They run these things over and over on one of the channels. Do other people watch these things the way I seem to, having seen them before, but not necessarily remembering how they turned out?) Skipped Democracy Now, skipped Midsomer Murders at eight, thought about New Tricks when I stumbled across it at nine, but decided to go to bed. A decent day, overcast or not, got the haircut done for the month.

The photo up top was taken Saturday at the San Francisco March For Science with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.