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April 29, 2016

Have Liked

Friday. I did get to bed early, turning the lights out early and getting up fifteen minutes later than the six-thirty target. Which must mean we got a good night's sleep. I think. We'll think.

Who knows? A walk on a clear morning to breakfast, the pork chop with eggs over medium breakfast (our plan to have the plain waffle with sliced strawberries and bananas out the window, it seems) and then a walk back to the apartment, all the while feeling fine. Not great, not bad, just a little spacey, as evidenced with this on edge of babble description.

Peace, my son.

Pray for.

Later. A walk over by the lake and then on to the ATM on Lakeshore to then immediately return to the apartment, almost stopping at one or two places for lunch. Sort of hungry was the thought, but nothing appealed enough to go inside or deal with standing in line. True to form, in other words.

They were setting up tents, tables and what looked to be a raised platform of some kind (a stage?) in front of the white column pergola. I had a telephoto lens on the camera and couldn't frame a shot that took all of it in. Whatever they're planning is going to be quite large, so we'll check it out tomorrow.

The sinus/upper palate thing has been acting up all morning, not sure why, I haven't checked the particulate app on the tablet yet. Might be, although I wouldn't bet on it. Whatever. A second dose of the pain meds to see if they make a difference for the rest of the afternoon. Tired now with a crappy sinus. Maybe a nap. We can try. We can.

Later still. There was a note on Twitter about a hemophilia related thing going on at the lake tomorrow. and so a walk to the lake with a proper lens on the camera to document the tents, folded tables and platform set up at the white column pergola, thinking they might have put up a sign. And I was ready to get out of the apartment if only for a short period, the sinus/upper palate thing a little better.

Evening. Missed listening to Democracy Now this morning and so listened to it this early evening. Actually listening to it now, the parts I can make out, as I'm writing.


Well, you know, just mentioning.

Watched an old New Tricks episode at seven I'd seen before, but then I've probably seen all of them before by now, they seem to repeat them ad infinitum, followed by another Charlie Rose at eight, listening to it as I fired up the printer and ran a series of 8x10 prints. Haven't done that in a long time now, not sure why. Could be the third (!!) dose of pain meds I took this evening, the sinus/upper palate doing a real trip this day. Very rare to take three doses in a single day, but they seem to have done the job.

Finished television, the printing and the evening at the same time, more than a little later than I'd have liked.

The photo up top was taken by the Grand Fare Market while walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.