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Here In Oakland

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April 19, 2015

Real Effort

Sunday. Lights out by ten, to sleep not all that long after, up once during the night, but generally a good night's sleep in comparison with some of the others we've become familiar with. So awake not long after six, up and out the door to drive to breakfast and read the three Sunday papers, only glancing at all the clothing-food-travel-arts sections to keep the reading time within reason.

Overcast, the weather people saying it will clear up by afternoon, so off to the San Francisco City Hall later at eleven to photograph the forming up of the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade. An easy enough trip that usually produces a fair number of pictures, what with the Anime costume contest (unrelated to the parade) that's held by an Anime shop of some kind in the area as the parade itself is forming. Half of what I've been calling my “parade” photographs are of Anime/Cosplay characters. No apologies, they make good pictures.

Later. Left at eleven, caught the bus, caught the train, arrived to find more photographers wandering about than I would have imagined and more people participating in the Anime costume competition than I remember in the past. I think. Anyway, some decent pictures, many more misses, but I suspect at least two sections of photographs will come out of all of it and that's good.

I was indeed ready to go home as the parade was starting out. Really ready. Tired. Clear headed (well, reasonably clear headed) and tired. Lots of walking, lots of looking for photographs in the ebb and flux of the crowd.

Or something like that.

It's always something like that. Anyway, done for the day, a train home to catch a bus that arrived within three minutes, home to cook pasta with red clam sauce (yes, I was tired, but even more hungry) and go through the days photographs. OK. No way we'll process them all today, again tired, but a good afternoon, but the tired reminding me I need to continue walking every day from here on out if I'm going to continue to take these pictures.

The outings are getting shorter. Not much shorter, but I suspect it's lack of stamina more than age. At least you can do something about stamina, it's just too bad it doesn't come in capsules.

Evening. Tired. To bed early. Get all this running around today stitched up and put to rest with a good night's sleep. Feels like something that will happen without real effort.

The photo up top was taken at San Francisco Earth Day, April 18th with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.