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Here In Oakland

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April 14, 2015

Night's Rest

Tuesday. We seem to have turned the lights out relatively early last night and slept pretty much straight through, awakening but once briefly about an hour before the alarm. Up and out the door to walk to breakfast on what is obviously going to be a clear day, a photograph of one of the flowers on the way back, a photograph of the empty street, a photograph of a Black Crested Night Heron scrounging after his own breakfast. My, my.

A slow morning for whatever reason, not able to sleep while attempting a nap, but we'll take the noon bus downtown to see how many people turn out for a demonstration that's scheduled for one. You can never tell how many people will show up until you're there, but pictures in any case. This is another Black Lives Matter variation and I don't mind at all showing support if only by adding another body (with camera) to the background.

You don't sound quite as spacey as you sounded with yesterday's entry, but you're edging closer.

A slow start to a day, even after what seemed to be a good night's sleep, we'll see how the afternoon treats us once we've had lunch and some outside air to clear the head.

Later. A bus downtown at noon, a walk over to the City Center spotting the ShutItDownA14 people setting up across the street, a turkey with Swiss bagel sandwich and coffee out at a table in front of the bagel shop. So far, so good.

Not a whole lot of people gathered by the start at one, not that many African Americans in the audience, but a good hour and a half of shooting pictures, enough for a section, almost enough for two. Close, but I'm not willing to pad it with also rans to stretch.

Figured I was finished, although they there were still speakers holding forth, so a walk over to the pharmacy to pick up a bottle of fiber pills (embarrassing to admit, but the damned things make life too much easier to not replenish them whenever they run out) and then a bus back to the apartment to work on the photographs. The web pages won't be done until tomorrow, but the individual photographs have been processed and ready for the web.

Evening. Nothing on television. Clear headed, feel good, wouldn't mind a glass or two of sake if there was any in the kitchen, but we'll see if there's anything we can find on the tablet we're willing to watch before turning out the lights. Be nice to get another good night's rest.

The photo up top was taken at the The San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.