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April 9, 2015

To Count

Thursday. Head hit pillow, head went to sleep to awaken but once briefly during the night before awakening again with the alarm. Probably a good night's sleep, let's see how well that plays for the rest of the day.

A walk to breakfast taking a quick snapshot of whatever they were up to in the upscale pizza parlor/bar along Grand. Blocking the sun for indoor shooting of a video of some kind? Fumigating for insects? Who knows, who cares, it was time for breakfast.

A walk back to the apartment with a plastic glass of orange juice in hand, juggling it to manage a photograph of the apartment house construction site as I passed. Bright sun, chilly without being too cold, home to do the usual wrestling match with yesterday's entry. Babble unbound. No change in that.

Now to see if we can get in a nap before noon, maybe then head downtown if I can talk myself into it or I become hungry enough. Things coming up this weekend to photograph, best to take it easy, be prepared, encourage the inner Boy Scout.

Later. OK. So far, so good. Not tired enough to attempt a nap and so out over to the lake and on to Lakeshore, more to get outside than anything else, a stop by the ATM since I was there and then coffee and a bun at the bagel shop before returning to the apartment, still enough energy left to take the usual set of apartment house construction site photographs on the way back. So good again. No complaints.

Mid-afternoon, bright sun with the balcony door open and the fan on low. Not as warm as in past weeks, but warmer than some of these recent days and we're well into spring so warmer weather will come. (Add pious supplication for rain at this point.) No great notions of things to do, of new ways to break the routines, but babbling along here happily enough one would think.

Later still. There is a difference between good and better and we've been better through this afternoon. Played the first two acts of La Boheme while putting together more February web pages for the apartment house construction site, something I've been lagging on these last months. A good sign? Seems so.

For whatever reason in between my teenage discovery of rock and roll in the later fifties and my coming back again to rock in the later sixties, I got into opera in high school and then through college. My uncle was a tenor who sang on occasion in Seattle and so I was introduced to operetta early on and got into opera on my own through watching old movies on television (Rhapsody In Blue to Porgy & Bess to La Boheme) and spent many an hour listening to opera records. Brought back those feelings this afternoon.

All of which means in the scheme of things?

Means feeling good, clear headed, looking forward to whatever. Take it as it comes. Hup! Talley-ho and stuff.

Evening. An Inspector Lewis I've seen before and don't need to see again. Elementary at ten, but I'm thinking I'm done with this staying up after ten business, we'll watch it on the tablet tomorrow. Something called Vera at nine-thirty that I've watched with some interest, although it's another one where I have trouble following the story line through the accents. It would probably be less a problem if I were watching more of them, I remember it took about a week for me to sync with Ms. C back when she'd visit from London.

Maybe a little tablet to, you know, ease us to bed. Won't give in to watch Elementary, of course, and sully our record. It has been a good day straight through, even played some guitar, but not enough to count.

The photo up top was taken at the Saint Stupid's Day Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.