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Here In Oakland

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April 3, 2015


Friday. To sleep at close to eleven, having skipped watching Elementary on television last night after taking a crack at bringing it up in bed on the tablet. Not sure why that didn't work as it dialed into CBS online when their nine-thirty show was playing, but wouldn't let me dial back in when I returned at ten.

Bottom line I slept straight through from ten-thirty to awaken at five, but then went right back to sleep to get up with the alarm. Put the act together and walked to breakfast, walked back (taking an ever more out of focus picture) and immediately crawled into bed to crash.

For thirty minutes before getting up again out of some misplaced sense of duty to prepare yesterday's entry for posting. Let's just say editing it was a test, we did our best before going back to bed and (what else?) watching the episode of Elementary we copped out on last night. We shall say no more. We are obviously scattered.

Why I make it a point to watch this program I don't know, although I do ask. If I were more curious I might unravel a better understanding of the human condition, not by analyzing the program, but by analyzing my particular set of reactions to it, what is says about me. Maybe best not to know. Or want to know.

I take from this gibberish we haven't quite recovered from last night's lack of rest?

Worse yet, this may be as good (on a Good Friday) as it gets.

Later. To bed to fail at another nap, up finally feeling hungry to walk over to the construction site for the day's pictures andthen on to the morning restaurant for lunch out at a patio table, a chicken salad sandwich, sugar cookie and lemonade. They were good. Another walk back to the apartment after taking pictures of the corner gas station as they'd posted a ten cent lower price on regular than they'd had posted this morning.

And that was pretty much it: home to bed and to sleep, to awaken well after four to process today's pictures and see if the day has recharged us enough to make an attempt at getting to sleep on time tonight to awake and have an up and ready sort of a day tomorrow. Not that there's anything on the schedule for tomorrow.

Evening. Watched New Tricks at seven, same old problem understanding the English accents, but pretty clear who'd done what to whom by the end of the program. Mostly.

A Dalziel & Pasco at eight, we'll see if we can get our head around the Dalziel character. Too many really miserable nasty characters. But we're obviously tired. We'll soon know, but relate the outcome tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken at the Saint Stupid's Day Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.