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April 30, 2014

Would Be Nice
Wednesday. To bed at nine-thirty, but then to watch quite a bit of a movie on Netflix, to sleep after eleven (I think it was after eleven) to awaken just before the alarm was due to go off on a clear, muggy and warm last day of April morning. Going to be hot today, in the nineties, tomorrow they're saying the eighties, so whatever benefit we've gotten from any recent rains I suspect is gone.

Let's see. More interesting photos of the construction site today or we won't run them. Not so many. In a more perfect world I would have taken/selected better ones for yesterday's entry. Just a note to self. We often makes notes to self. You many have noticed.

Nothing planned, nothing on the calendar. Let's see if we can deviate from out usual norm. The head seems at least clear, so we have something to work with. He said.

Later. It's well before ten, but definitely t-shirt weather out there: warm and humid. Not looking forward to later today or tomorrow if it's going to be similarly warm.

A walk down the street, no sign of any of the trucks I saw lined up this morning, but a flag man waiting on arrivals. A walk then to the entranceway on Grand just as a loaded truck was pulling out and so a picture of the progress they've made so far. The flagman at this entrance said they would finish clearing the entire area by the end of the day. Seeing the four semi's now rolling up Grand, each pulling two of the large containers, I believed him.

A quick look at the lake, nothing going on, a walk back to take one or two more pictures and then back up the hill to the apartment to open the sliding balcony glass door and turn on the fan. It seems I've been at this place before, sitting in front of the computer, the day ahead, but what to do? I don't know, go out and take more pictures?

Later still. A walk to the morning restaurant, first taking a couple of pictures at the construction site. A scone, ice cream and a lemonade for lunch. Hungry, but that was evidently what I wanted to eat. Maybe a talk with myself later, but not now.

A walk back, quite warm and humid, definitely pushing ninety today. More pictures at the construction site. Looks like they really are going to clear most of it out.

Evening. A stomach ache combined with a gas generating liquid intestinal tract sending me to bed for a nap at three, awakening coming out of an ocular event at quarter past five. A good over the top ocular event, climbing up to consciousness from a strange and alien place, the known world taking its time to come back, yes, but one piece at a time.

What I had for lunch? Breakfast?

Evening. Nothing on television, no energy or interest in the guitar, to bed early. A flashback to earlier times, let's hope this is the last one for a very long time. Forever would be nice.

The photo up top was taken while waiting on my guitar lesson to start with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.