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Here In Oakland

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April 28, 2014

For Tomorrow
Monday. A very slow day yesterday, getting to bed around eight after having taken a long late afternoon nap, awakening and getting up to head out the door at seven, running late. Still, the sky is clear, they're saying into the seventies later, the day looks good and I do feel better, but better still, maybe, after a nap.

Later. I was tired and I did take a nap with actual sleep involved in there somewhere, so we're still not quite upright and awake. Hmm.

Opened the cell phone to call the pharmacy for a prescription refill and the phone said it wanted to upgrade its operating system. OK, we can call after it's done. The phone wanted me to unlock the SIM when it finished, something it had done once before and I'd had to walk over to the AT&T store on Lakeshore to have them take care of it. Where had I written down that SIM number? Couldn't find it.

A good fifteen minute wait in line at the AT&T store before being served, the phone finally unlocked, this time writing down the SIM code. Dark thoughts about changing carriers, Credo Mobile coming to mind because of their political contributions and activities, a good choice, but I'd be paying higher monthlies. So much for standing up for our political convictions. For now. T-Mobile? Better them than AT&T from what I've read.

Back now, the call made to get the prescription refilled, maybe another nap, maybe pick up the guitar (after the nap). One hopes the afternoon mood will be better.

You are a cranky old man.

Just what that AT&T rep said.

Later still. And so this somewhat different “tired” business continues. Another lie down for a nap. Up finally to head out the door again thinking where might I go? Is there ever a time I know? I'm hungry, I guess. Whenever do you have to guess as to whether or not you're hungry? Well, over these last couple of years.

A walk to the bus stop, after taking a couple of pictures at the construction site, four or five men present doing whatever. A picture to show how much earth has been moved from this entrance area across from my street to compare with one taken on April 9th. Maybe take more pictures from the exact same spot to better show progress as they go forward.

It's not that much difference given what they've done on the other areas of the site.

Maybe so. Still, we'll follow it more closely.

The bus I was thinking of catching didn't come, unless it came when I was taking the pictures, maybe whizzing by right behind me, but I suspect it didn't. This is the bus I'd normally take tomorrow for the guitar lesson and it's been missing its run more often than many of the other time slots. Something going on there, but we'll not think about it. Until tomorrow as we're standing, waiting with the guitar.

Some spaghetti boiling on the stove, no thought to go out again, even through the day is really nice, t-shirt weather, up in the low seventies. Life is nice. Except for this warm wet rag feeling I'm calling being “tired”. A little unsettling, more so than the other related to the surgery symptoms. Cuts and stitches you understand, they eventually go away, this thing might make itself comfortable here and decide to come more often.

Evening. Well, better. Up enough to pick up the guitar, so we've gotten some practice. Nothing on television, nothing I'm able to get my head around on Netflix and, well, feel better, no longer tired. No complaints. Really. I'll save up a bunch for tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken at the construction site last week with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR Nikkor lens.