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Here In Oakland

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April 26, 2014

Taibbi Now Gone
Saturday. And of course we watched Death In Paradise last night, same plot structure with all being revealed to the gathered group of suspects at the end, the perp invariably admitting to the crime each and every time. But I watch. I do.

Still, to bed before ten to awake with the alarm after having only gotten up but once to take a leak. No variance in the routine. Up and out the door on what is going to be a sunny day, a drive by the supermarket on the way home to bring back milk, cereal and spaghetti. No sake. I'd been planning/thinking/assuming I'd be picking up two of the small single serving bottles and then spaced out in the isles and remembered only as I was getting back into the car. Such is life and short term memory, lost in a supermarket isle.

Should be a good morning. We'll attempt another nap, maybe take a bath, head out (no doubt) for a loop around the lake, think of something to do later. There are various Earth Day events today in Oakland, but in the form of volunteer activities, one over at the lake. Cleaning up the lake. Good idea, but not sure how it might translate into photographs.

Does it all have to relate to photographs?

No, probably not, but we'll put off thinking about an answer to that.

Later. The usual lie down on the bed, enter the mid-morning fog and then up to walk over to the lake to find a large number of small groups of running, huffing and puffing, shouting out various encouragements in unison people. Some kind of charity run, I suspect. Also a fair number of people in two's and three's scooping things out of the lake. Earth Day.

A not very good picture of runners, a picture or two of the Capoeira dancers doing their Saturday morning routine, back to the apartment to take a bath. We are up now at noon, the day indeed sunny (and warmer), maybe a walk over to the Lakeshore ATM. Except I don't want to take a walk over to the Lakeshore ATM, so maybe we'll think of something else.

Later still. So much for then and now. Then, Lakeshore was not on the list, now it is and so out the door on the way to the ATM along the lake, seeing this group in the distance. Really too far away to get a decent picture, thinking all those bicycles probably belonged to them. Just biking through, stopping to raise their hands to the sky.

OK, get closer for another picture was the thought, passing by this group, a blender powered by a bicycle, the proceeds ($5.00) going to a fight climate change group. I'm assuming they provided the fruit for the smoothie, but either way I was impressed by the sheer oddity of the thing. Lots of odd things by the lake.

The result was another even less wonderful picture of the bicycle group, but taken at least when I was closer. Screw it, on to Lakeshore and the ATM, stopping by the bagel shop on the way back for a yogurt mix in a small plastic glass and a small coffee out at one of their tables. If they have a table available, better yet two just in case one is taken while I'm inside, I'll usually go and get coffee to drink it out at a table and watch the people pass by.

On down Lakeshore thinking I'd now had lunch - the (small) cup of yogurt and coffee - so I certainly wasn't hungry enough to have ice cream at the ice cream shop coming up now in the near distance, when I was ambushed by two scoops, no topping. I easily rationalized it in two seconds: made me feel better, the decision was good.

On the way back home again I walked by the drive-in to find six Black-crested Night Herons looking/looming down on the patrons at their outside tables, seemingly oblivious to their surroundings, on the outlook for table scraps. I've seen one or two farther on at the KFC in the past, but never six in one group, if you can call them a group. They've always appeared to be solitary birds.

So pictures. I was wondering if two of the six weren't juveniles in the later stages of becoming adults, changing into their adult plumage, juveniles pretty much the same size as adults, but in brown plumage with no sign yet of the coming black crest, white chest and blue wings. Could have just been the light I guess.

Back now at three, the day now done other than for guitar and some less than wonderful television. I'll undoubtedly succumb to more House episodes.

Should you be putting all this personal idiocy out here in public?

I shouldn't be admitting to any of this crap. If I were looking for work none of this would help, I'm not sure I wasn't skating on very thin ice all those years at APL.

You really don't talk much about other people. Just your many faceted interests and idiocies.

Ice. Still thin. Don't recommend it even now.

Evening. A walk down to the 7-11 look-alike for a bag of Doritos and bean dip. No, I have no idea why I did it either, I wasn't hungry, maybe a flash back to a high calorie past. I skipped the whiskey and settled instead on two bottles of Corona. Sensible, I said. We'll see if I get to them later. It's eight, nothing on T.V. (nothing surprising about that), I've already watched a couple of episodes of House and so I'm inoculated against any more of that. Until tomorrow. Or later tonight.


Who knows? The nose has been acting up. Not over the top, but I'm guessing pollen. I have no idea, maybe so, maybe not, I've never reacted to it in the past. To bed early? Maybe watch something on the tablet, maybe go through the new Rolling Stone that arrived this afternoon? I'm haven't followed the music scene in decades, but they still have an interesting take on the current political scene, even with Taibbi now gone.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.