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April 11, 2014

Out By Ten
Friday. Hmm. Elementary last night. The usual Holmes makes his deductions and solves the mystery story, but deviating from the canon by bundling him up in a cocoon of drug addiction relapse fears, an old friend overdosing and strange conversations with the deceased. Probably better that I'd gone to bed like a good (older, wiser) member of society and gotten in my sleep.

Still, up with the alarm without apparent effort or regret, off to breakfast on an overcast morning that will take its time in clearing up, a photograph of one new emerging pandorea flower on the less healthy looking of the two potted vines and now back, having wrestled with yesterday's entry, the evening part of which I hadn't bothered to write last night.

Lapse of us, don't you think?

Comes from staying up late and losing our beauty sleep.

Later. And so a nap, actual sleep. I'm not sure how much, but enough to awaken feeling, if not rested, then at least better. Pretty good.

A walk over to the construction site to take a picture, back thinking I'd gotten what I could, switched cameras and took the downtown bus. Which didn't come. So I caught an alternative bus two stops down and had a salad, rice and (a) meatball at an outside table in the City Center. I was hungry.

A walk then through Latham Square to at least document the end of the experiment. The downtown bus had passed a city work crew taking down the barrier blocking the second lane of traffic and I understood immediately what was happening. This had been announced weeks back.

Thus it goes. The only way Latham Square may have worked would have been to allow nearby coffee sales and such, perhaps by food trucks parked along its edge, but the local cafés and restaurants would never have allowed it. I'm not sure it wouldn't have eventually worked out to their benefit as well, but I'm not the one who decides and no one (silly they) thought to tap my worldly wisdom. Still, I did get photographs out of it.

Back on the bus (almost twenty minutes late), another picture or two of the work site. I'd been wondering how the two by twelves (I think they're two by twelves - two by eights?) would be used and the answer was now obvious. Is there more to follow to hold the earth bank in check? Cement? Forms and a cement wall? I guess we'll know. Progress, though. Something to keep me amused.

Evening. The upper teeth and palate have been aching more than the norm so an extra dose of the pain meds while watching New Tricks, an episode I hadn't seen before and realized, when it finished, I had no idea what had happened and how the mystery had been resolved. The aching teeth and palate? The English accent fed through a less than perfect audio system? A fuzzy head? Time for bed?

To bed to attempt to continue reading Mr. Rifkin's The Zero Marginal Cost Society received in the mail earlier this afternoon, finding (again) the brain was not following the narrative. Put it down, got up to watch Death In Paradise that started at nine (I was pretty sure I hadn't seen this one before) and then to bed, tucked in and lights out by ten.

The photo up top was taken crossing Grand this morning with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR Nikkor lens.