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Here In Oakland

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April 8, 2014

Like It
Tuesday. The evening took on a life of its own last night, and I ended up getting to bed at midnight. No excuses, I was watching myself do it without a single complaint. An Inspector Morse (a character in a series I claim I've come to dislike) kept me going until well after eleven and then a glance at Facebook gave me a head's up the Lightroom update for the new camera had been released. All nine hundred plus megabytes of it. Takes time to download nine hundred megabytes, even at midnight.

Up a good half hour later than usual (I wonder why) to head off to breakfast on what is going to be another t-shirt temperature day. I'm sitting here after nine thinking I'm not really up for a nap, although that can turn around fast, so maybe something will come up to draw me outside. For the moment, though, we'll see if one or two of the Saint Stupid's Day pictures can't be improved with Lightroom now in shape. Hup!

You have your guitar lesson today.

My teacher has put it off until tomorrow morning, the day is clear whether or not the head remains clear or not. Hup!

Later. An attempt at a nap. May have gained something from the hour or so I played at it, but up finally to head out the door, having no idea where I might go, taking a picture of the apartment house construction site as I walked down the hill to then wait for the bus. Which the smartphone nextbus app said was coming. And waited. And waited.

What in the hell did I want to go downtown for anyway? No bus, so a walk down the way to have coffee and a bun out at a sidewalk table in front of the coffee shop I mentioned yesterday. Two times I've been there now in a period of many months.

A walk back home, the light jacket and long sleeved shirt too warm to be walking in under the sun, more pictures of the construction site as they continue pouring the footings on the back side of the building. Progress. Looks as if they may finish them by the end of the week.

Back here now thinking again of getting out (but in a t-shirt, this time). Over to the lake? What lens to bring on the camera? Serious questions. Actually. For me.

We'll see.

We'll see.

Later still. Another walk down the hill (taking the usual picture) on by the lake to Lakeshore and the Bank of California ATM. I haven't regretted moving to a local bank from one of the too big to fail monsters, even though it's limited me to less convenient ATM's. Good exercise, the walking; not really inconvenient when you plan ahead.

Lunch was ice cream and lemonade at the usual place, a bus then back to the apartment, another picture or two showing the construction progress on the footers, long twenty plus foot steel beams sunk perpendicular into the ground and then packed in cement. A solid base for the building and probably useful in earthquakes. We get earthquakes.

A bit funky, but basically a good later morning and afternoon, the upper teeth and palate aching a bit, the nose a little stuffed up, but better than these last few days and, one hopes, worse today than it will be tomorrow.

I assume there's still plenty of pollen in the air, so maybe it isn't pollen that's an added problem. We'll say that because maybe it's true and because we're looking for anything that suggests pollen isn't going a new problem. Fact and fantasy, we'll use them both.

Evening. Nothing at all on television so more episodes of House. Which can get old. The same story over and over. Rather like the journal. Who knows? Maybe why I like it.

The photo up top was taken today at the apartment house construction site with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.