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April 6, 2014

We'll Catch Up
Sunday. To bed last night well before ten, but spending time reading various things on the tablet and so got to bed later than I'd like. We'd like.

Up with the alarm. No Tribune or Times this morning, just the Chronicle, the Tribune having arrived by the time I returned, the Times still out there somewhere or (perhaps) stolen. Much more annoying than exciting.

Lots of sun, a good breakfast, back now to go through the usual head games before setting out for a walk. I'm feeling OK, but not encouraged I'll do anything other than bitch here and consider adding some alcohol to dinner. Maybe just a phase in the life before a change is finally forced on us. Maybe just an old pot, heat down low, but closer now to boiling.

Later. And so a nap. I'd had the corned beef with eggs for breakfast, after seeing the weight come down to one fifty-five on the scale this morning, feeling maybe I needed some calories and so was wondering if the corned beef would come back to bite. Lying down the sparkly edged thing came together when the eyes were closed, but it went right away and there were no more symptoms. I must have slept for as much as an hour.

Up, you'd think in decent shape, and so out the door with a camera (of course) thinking I really don't want to take a bus downtown, nothing at all open, bad enough when things are open, and so over to the lake to take a brief walk along and around and immediately back to the apartment to get rid of the sweater. So much for our first morning adventure.

Another walk pretty much right after, feeling hungry, really hungry, and so down to a café I haven't been to in quite a while not being able to come up with anywhere else or anything else I might want to go or to eat. A muffin and a small coffee out at one of their sidewalk tables that turned out well enough before leaving, going to the bird sanctuary to take a picture or two while walking back home along a less traveled (by me) part of the lake.

Nothing special in the way of birds, lots of people, lots of kids. All the birds seem to be absorbed in their mating season, so pigeons chasing pigeons, geese chasing away rivals. Nothing like hearing an upset goose honk off a rival.

A picture of the nesting area along the lake, the trees filled with cormorant nests; a Snowy Egret in his or her fishing routine along the shore and, again, back to the apartment to take a nap. A sort of nap.

Out one more time in a t-shirt this time. Warm, a slight cooling wind that was nice, lots of people sunning out on the grass, a sit on a bench for maybe five minutes and then, back to the apartment. Tired all the way through the late morning and now through to mid-afternoon. Some spaghetti with clam sauce for lunch, still hungry, but that's all I could think of that I was willing to eat. Because I wasn't willing to walk to a proper place to eat? Because I wouldn't want to eat whatever it was they were serving? I guess?

I keep repeating, of course: “hungry, but can't think of a thing to eat”. It still seems novel, unexpected. You also learn how much of “going out” is focused around going to get something to eat or to drink. Hard to do when you fight the urge to eat or drink. They say you're never too old to learn, they didn't mention any changes in your relationship to food.

Maybe you weren't listening.

Obviously I wasn't listening.

Later still. Netflix has added the House series to its selection, all eight seasons, twenty-two episodes a season. They'd been playing on one of the local television stations that runs series like these, episode after episode through the evening one day a week, and I'd watched many of what I assume were later episodes some time back. And with interest until they, in their cookie cutter never ending cycle of banging heads mayhem, wore me out. So it's been some time and this evening, nothing otherwise on television, I started season one with the pilot. And then episode two. And then the third.

I bailed in the middle of the third, the old “well up over my ears in this thing, no desire to go further” telling me to turn it off and go to bed. Which I did. Some guitar practice while watching, it's not the best way to practice guitar sitting in front of a computer, so not enough guitar today and so we'll catch up tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken yesterday at the Saint Stupid's Day Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.