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April 27, 2012

Day, I'm Afraid
Friday. To bed at a decent hour last night, although I felt there was some trouble drifting off to sleep. Still, up with the alarm without undue effort, the morning clear, off to breakfast and back to the apartment under a bright sun. So the day is going to be nice. Let's hope I can keep this narrative on track, something that's been on my mind since reading yesterday's entry this morning before posting.

You're having doubts about your golden prose?

Do clowns wear funny hats?

Later. A bus ride downtown to check on the prescription to find it had been filled. Good. Ordering a three month supply, since they don't take into account the fact I cut them in half - they come in moisture sealed blister packs and can go south if they absorb too much moisture - means I now have a six month supply. Seventy-five bucks for six months is much more palatable than for three months when all of your money is being spent on cameras. And breakfasts at one's morning café.

Is any of that true?

Both, I'm afraid.

A brief lie down to take a nap for about an hour, no dosing off, but useful anyway. Then up to walk along the lake to the morning café for ice cream and coffee thinking, as I sat out on their patio, a walk farther along to the supermarket for sake and cheese and crackers (in addition to some actual food items) would be a good idea.

With not much further thought I realized I was looking more for comfort food at the edge of a funk than anything else, so I went through the list of possibilities for an afternoon and hit on one or two things that might engender my interest when I made it home. Working on those old artandlife photos came to mind. Those old artandlife photos seem to have become a pretty reliable interest maker lately. Learning to use Lightroom 4 better also came to mind (downloading a how to book from Amazon, buying something in other words, is probably not the best step forward) and comfort food somehow drifted off back to wherever they'd come from. Dodged a bullet I'd guess.

So now we're here in the mid to late afternoon having taken a picture or two along the walk. I pass by the same places, obviously, every day and it's hard to see them in a way that's any different than the last hundred times I've passed, but I futzed with a picture or two. Shows the attitude is in place. Feel good about them. I have this wizard camera coming Tuesday, why get a wizard camera if there's not enough interest and energy in finding shots with the wizard cameras you've already got? So we looked for ways to isolate something a little different in the middle of a too well known landscape. And felt reasonably good about the results.

We are rather easily amused with these, are we not?

No one said it had to be tough, just that you like the results, no need to explain it to anyone other than yourself.

Later still. The evening has stumbled forward. Some guitar, but not enough; some work on early artandlife photographs, which seems to be coming along; some reading and futzing with this and that before getting to bed at a semi-decent hour. Semi-decent will have to do for the day, I'm afraid.

At the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival Parade with a Nikon D3 mounted with an 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.