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April 2, 2012

Monday. To bed early last night, awake and up just before the alarm, off to breakfast and back now at eight. Just like a clock. Still a nice way to start the day I'd say.

Overcast, but no rain, the weather people saying sun later today. We'll see. Finish up yesterday's photographs for artandlife, let the rest of the day take care of itself.

Later. Ten o'clock, the sun is out and the Saint Stupid's Day pictures are up. Good, I guess. I'm not altogether certain I like more than a couple, but it's what I found when I was there, who knows if the result was a lack of opportunity or a perceptive eye. Or both. Questions like this can drive you nuts.

But again, it's after ten and it's time for the walk. April is launched, spring is here and the sun is up! Hup!

Later still. A bit of luck on my part, if not on their part, the Feds (U.S. Marshalls, DEA agents and sundry IRS agents) were raiding the Oaksterdam University offices on Broadway as we were passing by on the bus, upset locals and supporters on the opposite sidewalk and out in the street protesting and carrying signs. Did I get off at the stop right across the street from the crowd and head over to photograph the mess? Do bears poop in the parks or whiz in the woods?

Anyway, press all over the place, local police all over the place, people shouting out discouraging words to the U.S. Marshalls all over the place, shouting out at the local police, shouting out to anyone who was passing by. Many a horn honked in support.

Enough pictures for a section on HereInOakland, two days in a row now of shooting and screwing around in PhotoShop. Tiring, but I do seem to like it, some very few of the aches and pains from yesterday's outing flaring up. I suspect it's because I haven't been getting out and doing any serious walking lately and the muscles are letting me know they need better care if this is to become a habit (which it will be, please).

Anyway, back just after noon to take a nap before burying myself again in PhotoShop. A long day yesterday, a long day ahead.

Evening. Some guitar, some more guitar with the television droning on in the background. Whoop.

This one was taken at the Saint Stupid's Day Parade yesterday in San Francisco with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.