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April 22, 2011

Just Sit Tight

Friday. Good Friday. If it really is good I'll keep this simple and tight and not let it get out of hand (as I did yesterday). The length isn't nearly as embarrassing as the incomprehensible prose. We have our ego to consider. We can do better. Just get it together, tighten up! (hup! hup!)

Yesterday was interesting in that I scanned a large number of book covers for the 100favoritebooks page I've had sitting around now for the last couple of years. A long evening of scanning, but that's all it really took. Nine more book covers to find and add and then a rewrite with some additions, get it done by the end of the decade. Set achievable goals and then go out there and make them happen.

To breakfast, after awakening ten minutes before the alarm went off at six, back now; the sky overcast. I have things to do and I'll mention them later today when they're done! (hup! hup!)

Later. An hour lying down semi-conscious listening to the radio, another go at, finding some of the missing books and scanning their covers, then a long hot bath to ease into the afternoon. The mid-afternoon.

A short walk, maybe, followed by setting up the backgrounds and small strobes for the session tomorrow, a group of head shots I'm looking forward to doing for a friend. Keeps the blood pumping, gets my act in gear, keeps the feet from dragging. Well, too much foot dragging.

Otherwise, what else is on the list? Guitar practice. The fingertips are a bit sore with all the practice lately, but we'll take it easy, play the chords, annoy the folks upstairs. I say that, but I'm careful and don't really crank it up. Just, you know, enough to tell it's an electric, no reason to find someone pounding on the door. Light tapping on the door. “Excuse me sir, but your guitar....” I'm babbling. None of that's a factor in my playing. I'm a well behaved little guitar player. And a little tired.

Later still. We will write off today to the funky gods, more tired than I have an explanation for. A walk down to my morning café for a diet Coke and a lemon something or other, probably not the best things to eat, a walk back home. Almost long enough to call it adequate. We'll not worry. Guitar, I think, to bed early, finish the setup for the head shots tomorrow morning. Otherwise just sit tight.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.