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April 18, 2011

Doing The Taxes

Monday. Up fifteen minutes before the alarm was due to go off at six, out the door to breakfast and back now at eight, some of the jittery double vision, tend to close one eye or the other while driving to see clearly. Sounds evil having me out there, but the reality is I can see things just fine, but I need to occasionally close one or the other eye. Does that give you confidence when you're out on the road? Probably better to worry about the DUI's. Or the guys who see the bats. Not good to see the bats, especially before breakfast.

Taxes to file, one and another thing to do to get the act in gear. Laundry comes to mind. A nice hot bath to ease into the afternoon perhaps. Easy to put off bathing longer than you'd want to admit when you're retired. Or is that too icky to mention? Probably. Have to think about that.

Otherwise feel pretty good. The double vision is gone, it generally only lasts for a while and then only with things in the mid to far distance, easily corrected by closing one or the other eye. I'll have to go back to the ocular neurologist one of these days again pretty soon, I suppose, to see if she can find a cause or a cure - I don't think corrective glasses are a solution in the sense I don't think they'd work - but we'll see how it continues to unravel. Not getting worse, maybe not getting better, shelve it for a while, give us a break.

Later. Later in the morning. There was but one section of photographs in the Cherry Blossom shooting yesterday, but at least I'm reasonably satisfied with the results I have in hand. Another chapter, another weekend, another section up on the web and life is good (hup! hup!). Taxes now. Got to get them done. They're ninety percent there, have been since the end of January, but I've been putting them off. I suspect I'm not alone.

Later still. Well, that was quick. Sat down, did the return, most of which I'd already done, sent it in and wiped out the bank account. Hi, ho. Thus it goes. Still, why so much procrastination when there was so little left to finish? Since I owed them money I wouldn't have filed until today anyway, but why undergo angst by putting it off? Not a question most haven't asked more than once.

A short walk to the local Seven-Eleven Look-a-Like to pick up an ice cream cone for lunch, later maybe something more nutritious for dinner. I won't say what, as I'm pushing the concept of “nutritious”, but the evening approaches and the day is almost done. A note from OaklandNorth saying they want to use two more of my photographs, which is nice. They're a web news site project being done by the Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and it's being maintained by their students, but evidently use photographs from locals when appropriate. A little ego boost. You learn to value them as they don't come very often.

You got in your practice?

Lots and lots of practice, most of it done to put off doing the taxes.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 Nikkor DC lens.