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April 8, 2011

There's A Line

Friday. Up not long after six with the alarm, to breakfast and back by eight, feeling pretty much as I always feel when I go to breakfast as in pretty good. It's now later morning and we're thinking of getting out of the apartment, “getting out of the apartment” being some kind of built into the genes survival of the species sort of a thing. You need to do it in the later mornings, early afternoons, you have no control of the matter. Better than hiding inside I guess.

The weather is good, the sun is out. They'd talked about rain yesterday and it may have rained somewhere in the Bay Area, but not here. Cold though. Cold for a sunny California April day anyway. IMHO. We'll see what the temperature is out there real soon now, but either way I'm dressing for colder. I didn't yesterday and learned to regret it.

Later. A short walk over to the lake and back, some slight double vision along with the dry mouth and the rather queasy feeling fuzzy head I've had so often now as I was walking. So I came back and took a nap. Well, I lay down and listened to the radio for an hour. Which was good.

A bus then downtown when I was feeling better, a picture or two of the wall they're still painting just off Broadway near Grand, a series of pictures of no parking signs as I was approaching home just for the hell of it. I could get interested in doing a short series of photographs of these. I could. I might. Don't ask me why.

Still, the walk downtown was essentially, other than for the sinus-upper palate thing, free of any double vision symptoms, dry mouth or the unpleasant queasy feeling. It's pretty much predictable: it comes in the late mornings and lasts through the early afternoons. Not always, but often enough to make book on it.

Later still. Approaching six. An hour or so on the guitar playing with the little Pignose amp, charging a set of batteries to see how it sounds. The idea of the thing is it's small and portable and it runs on batteries as well as house current yet, although I've had it now for close to a year, I haven't tried it on batteries yet. No feelings of guilt, it's a portable amp for people who know how to play. I'm sure I'll take it somewhere out there where batteries are needed when I'm closer to becoming a rock and roll star sometime this fall. September, I'd say. Certainly no later. Plink!

In passing Bakesale Betty's I saw they were selling strawberry shortcake and so I went in and bought one to eat outside at one of their ironing board tables on the sidewalk. I usually look through their door when I'm passing, looking to see if they're selling anything like the pumpkin pie they had available over the holidays. This is the first time I've seen them selling a dessert in some time.

Very good. Strawberries, yes, tasted fine, but nothing beyond the norm. The shortcake was really good. A bit sweet, but not too sweet; crumbly, firm and tasty. The whipped cream was rich, smooth and obviously didn't come out of a can. So good. I wonder how much better it might have tasted before I had these taste buds of mine shrivel up and die? Hard to imagine. No wonder there's a line.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Saint Stupid's Day Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.