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April 6, 2011

Figure Them Out

Wednesday. Awake some twenty minutes before the alarm this morning, up, out and back from breakfast now at eight. Some time on the guitar to prepare for the lesson at ten. Hup! Hup! Otherwise the day is clear, the sun is out and the temperature feels fine. As do I, for whatever reason. I skipped out on any sake, sushi or other comfort foods I was considering last night and was in bed by eleven. (hup! hup!) I suspect that was the good choice.

Later. A decent guitar lesson (I hope. I think.), back with one of those dry mouths I seem to have acquired in some unknown, unfathomable transaction that took place some months back, so I took a short nap. Seems to have helped.

Oakland North, a local web news site created and supported by the U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, picked one of my Oakland marathon photographs as this week's picture of the week. Nice. I'd added a link to the marathon photographs I'd posted on artandlife in a comment I'd made under their marathon news story last week when it was published and a connection was made. Would I personally like to do more of these? Photos of the kind they're after do fit my photographic interests, so maybe I will and maybe I won't. Why would I otherwise post that link? More to come I suspect.

Back now from a short walk down the way to have a pizza at the local Domino's. I haven't done that in so long I can't remember the last time (I did get one on take out recently), actually entering the place, placing an order and taking a seat. I'd thought I'd ordered a pizza with mushrooms and artichoke hearts, but received one with sausage and artichoke hearts instead thinking, as I was looking at it, had I been thinking mushroom when I ordered, but said sausage instead? It was two in the afternoon, I was experiencing some double vision, some slight confusion when I ordered, maybe when I said “mushrooms”, sausage came out instead? Something I never order? Another sign of the times?

Still, back now at the apartment, no desire to go out. I have a haircut appointment tomorrow before meeting up with with the usual crew at the Rockridge BART station at six, something about going to a place (an Irish pub, no doubt) in San Leandro. Haircut in the morning, Irish pub at night, the late morning - early afternoon onset of double vision and slightly confused person usually takes place in between the two. I wonder how long before it take's my entire day in hand? Confusion reigns, in the nation and now in the head. We've achieved congruence with the world. Progress! Success!

Later still. I was a little scrambled yesterday when I got back from Palo Alto so I didn't really properly go through the photographs I'd taken while killing the four or so hours between getting the tracer injection and the scans. One or two I rather like. I did wander about the general area, the main hospital is a large building with a nice entrance with an artificial lake and fountains, but there are many other buildings nearby only some of which I had time to seek out. So I'll put a couple up here.

I didn't take all that many, I had other things on my mind, wondered if it was a good idea of bring a camera at all what with the various tests and such, but picked up the D2X (one I could most afford to lose) with a 50mm lens thinking it was a 35. A 35mm lens on a smaller sensor camera like the D2X is the equivalent of a 50mm on a full size sensor, the “standard film camera lens”, but what the hell? They're close. Just a little tighter area of vision, you adjust. Some images work better, some worse. It's up to you to figure them out.

Evening. A call from the ocular neurologist just now. The tests were “absolutely negative”. I think she was a little surprised. Rather than meet on Friday we'll set an appointment for a month or so down the road, see how this double vision thing is doing then. Phew!

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Saint Stupid's Day Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.