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April 2, 2011

Familiar Yet Strange

Saturday. I had a little conversation with myself after deciding to photograph the Art Murmur last night asking why I'd ever want to do that with another photo opp today and a second one tomorrow. The conversation lasted maybe twenty minutes as I checked the bus arrival time, put a camera together (which camera? which lens?) and got ready to rumble. Clarity came before the bus arrived - how tired did I really want to be when Monday arrives? - and I had a sushi dinner with a bit of sake down the hill instead, returning to the apartment to work on the photographs for another couple of hours and play the guitar. Sensible at last, sensible at last. Or something like that. We make it up as we go along.

Up this morning at six with the alarm, to breakfast and back noting the increase in the price of gas. Not much to say about gas prices other than guess how high they may eventually rise. Higher than anyone would like, is the current guess, but I'm just guessing. Back now at the apartment thinking I'll photograph The Crucible open house later this afternoon here in Oakland, don't think I'll do Wondercon over in the city today, put it off until tomorrow. Take it easier, space things out a bit. Maybe skip Wondercon altogether. Hmm. Well, hell, might well do that, depends on me and the weather.

Later. A bus and then a two stop BART ride to the West Oakland station, the last station before BART goes under the Bay to San Francisco, with a short walk then to the The Crucible building. The Crucible is a successful and respected local artists’ group that gives classes, provides facilities and gives performance art and gallery shows here in Oakland and today they were having an open house. Since I'd not been there before and have wanted to see their facilities for a while I figured I'd go.

I will say this. Any idea I'd had of photographing the Art Murmur here locally last night and then heading over to the Crucible open house today, any thought of adding Wondercon this morning or later this afternoon were clearly the musings of an idiot. I'm somewhat sore and tired at the moment, yes, but I'm far from over the edge, a night's sleep and all will be well. Any more running around shooting pictures on top of today, though, would have put me on my ass in that I'd have sat around doing little or nothing for a couple of days wondering where the energy went. I would. Yes I would.

Anyway, an interesting facility, lots of people taking it in without it being overly crowded. Walking to the place, a young woman shouted out “take my picture” and, of course, I did. I'd been photographing a piece of graffiti or two in passing and an interesting sign I've not seen before. A tougher part of town, but no problems close to the station during the day. He said with confidence and one afternoon's experience.

Back now feeling hungry, thinking I'd like to go out and get something to eat, still not able to imagine anything I'd like to eat. The weight remains the same, pretty much stuck at one-sixty, which is good; the appetite I think is a little better, but still the shilly-shallying around when it comes to food. Interesting to watch after living most of a life carrying forty more pounds than is good for you. Life is strange. Familiar, yet strange.

The photograph was taken at Lake Merritt with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24 - 120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.