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Saturday in Seattle

April 9th, 2005

Harbor Better Hope
So, the cold has arrived, but it's sitting lightly in my sinuses rather than hunkered down in the throat with a blowtorch. I hope it doesn't get big enough or mean enough to find a light, but, you know, that's the usual progression: throat, lungs, chest, head (feet, toes, knees). There was a small painful spot on the throat Thursday morning that receded after a glass of water. A familiar sign, but how far will it go? They can cut and run and they can put you down nasty, I'm not sure how to tell until it's done.

Out for drinks and dinner with friends to celebrate MRE's birthday last night, a sensible journey that started after work at PCB, then went on to The Rex in Oakland City Center after PCB ran out of Guinness, then BART to The Jupiter in Berkeley. I left about ten with MSG and her son and daughter-in-law (nice couple with a sense of style) while the rest of the crew continued on down the street from The Jupiter to an Irish pub. I got home in time to take a couple of Tylenol and crawl in bed before eleven. This is good.

The sun is out, the sinuses, as I mentioned, are acting out but otherwise I have some roughness in the chest and that's about it. I'm ready to spend a weekend finishing the taxes, taking naps and watching a couple of movies. This too is good.

Speaking of which (movies) I watched I Robot the other night on DVD. Lots of leaping robot special effects, nothing in the way of a script and a totally predictable treatment. A ton of money and a lot of talent to create a pale copy of every third rate movie with a tired script you've ever seen. But, what the hell, I assumed that going in after reading one or two reviews that essentially panned the movie and it disappeared in the theatrical release without much comment. Tonight it's Ray for which I harbor better hope.

The photograph was taken last Saturday in Seattle with a Nikon D2h mounted with a 17-55mm f 2.8 Nikkor lens at 1/30th second at f 3.2 at ISO 500.