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Under Construction
Last weekend in Seattle

April 2nd, 2005

Keep 'Em Coming
Some notes taken at lunch down the street at the Chinese restaurant, four other diners in a place where there's often a hundred. A statistical fluke or did I not hear about the twelve diners who died at their table of food poisoning while I was up in Seattle last weekend? Nah. The sun outside is warm, the wind is cool, the glass of wine on the table is half empty and there is still a large part of the day ahead. Life is good.

I mentioned the nine picture framing kits I'd ordered last month, four of them sitting against the bedroom wall holding photographs. I liked them a lot, so last week I ordered half a dozen more. This may not be revolutionary news out there in the real world but I realize, for someone who's shot a lot of pictures, I have very few framed photographs on my walls. I'm going to cover the walls with framed photographs, this being but a start. My Photographing People instructor said get your prints up on your walls, scotch tape will do. She was right.

An order of shrimp Won Ton and an order of foil wrapped chicken are sitting on the table. I'd been thinking the shrimp Won Ton looked pretty good as I was going through the menu, but the (attractive) waitress said, well, they're an appetizer; wouldn't I like a second dish? More than I should have ordered, more than I should have eaten, but the wine has me in a good mood. Time now to walk back to the apartment and frame another photograph. Keep 'em coming.

The photograph was taken last Saturday in Seattle with a Nikon D2h mounted with a 17-55mm f 2.8 Nikkor lens at 1/30th second at f 3.2 at ISO 500.