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A recent lunch in Oakland.

April 18th, 2003

Been Up To
Wednesday and Thursday were vertigo city and, although today was a long day, the vertigo - dizziness was better. Which is nice. Which is good. About which I am not complaining. I have hopes for tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, I'm expecting a visit from a verging on lapsed journaler, Mr. Amaya, and a full blown no doubt about it lapsed journaler, don't let the last minute entry fool you, Mr. Atkins, Chuck flying up to claim a Yamaha motorcycle he's arranged to purchase from some poor soon be motorcycle-less soul north of here in Cotati. (He's posted a picture. Nasty looking beast, don't you think?)

Steve's riding up on his Harley to accompany him back to L.A., two men alone on the road in California. Yes, my friends, a great theme of life and literature unfolding here in the land of lapsing journals. Two boys on their bikes roaring into the sunset, silhouetted against the sunset, the California sunset, looking for answers to life's greater questions.

Don't joke about none of life's greater questions, now buster, ye without gumption to acquire a car, let alone a two wheeled steed of steel.

Shit, "two wheeled steed of steel"? Now who's dizzy?

Where's this going?

Nowhere fast, from the looks of it. My film scanner is acting up. I got a request for one of my photographs from a book publisher this evening, my response "Sure, I'll scan it and send it on CD tomorrow". Well, maybe I'll scan it and send it on CD tomorrow. If it really is broken (I'll look at in the sunlight in the morning), I'll send it to Nikon for repair, but I'll order the current model from B & H Sunday and have them next day it. Life without a scanner is not comprehensible. Interesting how little thinking it requires, to pop for something when you really need it? I really am tired and this really is going nowhere, so I'll look this over and post it tomorrow.

Steve's crashing with Lucy and her husband on the way up tonight, by the way, another, albeit better known, lapsed, I say lapsed old line journaler. Be interesting to hear what she's up to.

The photograph was taken at a recent lunch in Oakland.