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April 21st, 2002

Mr. Wuss
Mr. Wuss suffered a stroke this afternoon losing the use of his left hind leg. He wanted to go out onto the balcony, so I sat with him as he lay on the cool cement for a couple of hours, dozing with his head on his paws. He seemed comfortable, but I knew I had to take him to the animal hospital in Berkeley and that he would not be with me when I returned.

When I could no longer bear to watch as he dragged his leg behind him searching out a more comfortable place to lie, I took him to the hospital. The vet confirmed the diagnosis, the circulation was gone in his left leg and the circulation was very weak in his right. He died late this afternoon lying on a towel as I scratched him lightly behind his ears, head on his paws, the fierce cat light still in his eyes. He was a good cat and I shall miss him.

Mr. Wuss.