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Oakland Art Museum

April 12th, 2002

Eventually. I Guess
Wuss seems to be his cranky little self, still hungry, still eating, but not as much (I suspect) as he should. A frail little cat, but doing OK. I went into work today late this morning as I'm starting to test this new come in late - leave late schedule so I can finish this project from hell I've been working on. I got up perhaps an hour later than usual and Wuss was at the bedroom door (as usual), ready for breakfast. There was food still out from last night, but I mixed it up to make it more palatable and he began eating with interest as I counted out my medications and poured some Cheerios.

After a bath I decided to have a cup of coffee at my weekend cafe and Wuss was out on his chair taking the sun on the balcony, eyes closed cat relaxed, as I was leaving. I realized he must do this every morning, which made me happy. I'd finally gotten off my duff and bought the cat door insert that allows him access whenever he wants. I should have done it a long time ago.

It was nice to break the routine: have coffee down the way and look through the offerings in the used book store on a workday morning. A fair number of people having coffee at the cafe, one or two younger people, perhaps out of work, perhaps not. Middle aged women talking in pairs, who knows their background? Yours truly reading the paper more thoroughly than usual, taking his time, thinking, I could get used to this and also thinking, like ice cream, that first taste, that first pint is nice, but any more and you'd just as soon be eating carrots, which is to say, mix it up old man, keep the interests flowing, don't get into too much of a rut. Some mornings off, some mornings on, start some mornings in the afternoon. Or have I said this before? Doesn't matter.

So time to plan something for the weekend even though I most likely won't follow through,Fellow worker in Oakland make the weekend a bit like this morning: new, refreshing. Could be as simple as driving over to San Francisco instead of BARTing over and ending up in a neighborhood I haven't seen in a while. The driving part is depressing, but what the hell? There's the Oakland Zoo, which must be around here somewhere. I've read about it. They say it's nice. I have an old high school friend who mentioned once, drinking wine together many years ago when he was passing through San Francisco, that he always visited a city's zoo when he had the chance, when he had the time. A city's zoo told him a lot about the city and I thought, well, that sounds weird, but he could be right: a sense of what the powers and the people that be find important: keeping a good zoo suggests keeping a good life or, at least, a good attempt at something.

We'll see. We always see, eventually. I guess.

The banner photograph was taken at the Oakland Art Museum and the photograph of a fellow worker was taken after work in a brewery pub.