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Lake Merritt area

April 1st, 2002

Half The World Away
No, I don't know what it means either. One day I'll pull together my photographs of the signs that have appeared in this guy's window. "Dissembled" instead of "disassembled" gives me no confidence he's getting his word out, but then again, at least he's publishing. Keeps his own version of an online journal. Has his own idea of a letter to the editor. I've tried to work something more subtle into this message, but there have been others with similar spelling errors and one, not long ago, that made me concerned for his sanity, misspelling dropping at that point to a distant last on the ding bat behind the window scale. One does dissemble, after all, but one does not dissemble someone or something. Not since high school.

Good idea to start off a novel, though. A kinky who-done-it that begins with sex and murder and anagrammatic signs in a window: "The market is up, Mr. Willikins, cut the bread with the yellow knife, don't tell the woman we know...." began the tale. And a webcam. There should be a webcam. Something, um, hidden, a murder observed half the world away, the murderer, realizing what has happened, reads through the web logs and buys tickets to places with names no one can pronounce: Reykjavik, Pismo Beach, Amersfoort.

The photograph was taken near Lake Merritt in Oakland.