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Sticks and stones along the Oregon coast.

April 22nd, 2001

Car and Camera
Sunday. Portland.

More specifically, Lake Oswego, more specifically a house located in a rabbit warren of houses in a tangle of twisty little streets near the town of Tigard, which I discovered on a map that I bought at a Seven Eleven store and then tracked down one miserably printed street after another. Did you know they print maps in small type just at the edge of my ability to see without glasses (if the light is strong and it's not raining)? They do. In Oregon.

MSM and I had a good evening watching The Doors video together, a kind of reminiscence for the both of us. MSM lived in LA during those years, growing up in Hollywood, and she would point out the musicians and other more and less famous hangers on from the Doors saga with bit parts in the movie, a recognizable face in the crowd, a passing fan. She has an original plaster bust of Jim Morrison that was used by the sculptor in creating the bronze that looked better than the one they used on the grave in the movie. Life in the fast lane. Pieces of the past popping up in Oregon.

It's odd to think of this kind of connection. It happens my interests and circumstances in some way parallel her own and we've made a connection between Oakland and a small town in Oregon. Nothing earth shaking, but before the Internet it never would have happened. My nephew here in is a game fanatic and pursues his passion with a group of regulars who live in the US, Australia and Korea. When I was his age there was nothing similar and I followed my personal pursuits alone, the books, the photography, the music, the movies. So does this Internet thing isolate or bring people together? I don't know. Probably both.

So I travel on. No real photography so far, although we got the shot of the house, and I managed some tourist with a camera pictures going up the coast. You never know. No rules about pictures, just take each day as it comes. It's raining, of course, has been except for our excursion Saturday, but that's to be expected. I said next time Hawaii or Japan. Maybe late this summer, probably never. For now I'll see what can be done on the road with car and camera in Oregon.

I think I shot the banner photograph on purpose. Otherwise it shot itself. The quote is by Jeanne Moreau.