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Sports Bar.

April 11th, 2001

More To Follow
Monday and I am here at home. In another world at another time I might have gone into work, but nothing is pressing that can't be put off until tomorrow and I need to catch up on my sleep. If I can sleep. I haven't really looked out and checked the sky over these last three days, but the weather report of rain was wrong and the sun has been shining throughout. Sad to waste. I say this because I can look out my bedroom window onto the balcony through the blinds and it is bright, the leaves are shiny green and the wind ripples through them without serious intent. Spring. Hello spring.

Later, one in the morning, Tuesday. Later this morning I will go into work. It's the coughing now: you lie down and wait and then you go into this amazing spasm of coughs until the tickle goes away if only through exhaustion. All this brings back the memory of other colds. It's obvious I've not had one in a while. The memories come back quickly, the cough particularly, but obviously I've been living right if it's been this long since I remember the last one. The cough. Cough! Cough! I now remember the cough, the thunderous cough, here at one, on a Tuesday, in spring.

Wednesday late afternoon. OK, no more talk about colds after this entry. Yes, I went in to the office around 6:30 in the morning on Tuesday (couldn't sleep, two baths, left for work early), did the things that were absolutely necessary and returned home around 9:00 in the morning and went to bed. Spent today, Wednesday, at work building some web pages. Feel better, but the same coughing tonight, I have no doubt. Late with my PhotoShop homework, haven't touched any of it over the last week. Fine. This chapter should now be finished. More to follow.

For some reason I scanned this image of a sport's bar window that I shot on my way to Gasser's, the largest photo store in San Francisco. Nothing right about the exposure and I don't feel like futzing around with it. My visit to Gasser's had a similar thud. The quote is by Jeanne Moreau.