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She likes my journal !!


San Francisco.

April 30th, 2000

Nubile? In Oakland?
I could, I guess, just turn this into an amateur photographer's journal, rather like a garden journal, only about f stops and lenses and experiments with Dektol developer and carefully overexposed film. Or, with the proper obsessions, I could probe a narrower photographic vein: nubile naked teenage ladies cavorting in a Dektol filled bath, the Doctor observing carefully from his chair, his wet and slippery fingers running slowly over soft and sensitive skin.

You may have realized by now that I've not yet come to grips with writing this journal every day of my I feel safer, don't you? life, given the assumption that I have a life in the first place. Well, that's a little much. I have a life and not a bad life, but a life that is different from the life I've known, not for its surroundings, I mean it's the same city with perhaps a different, but at least similarly weird culture, and I'm living in the middle of it the same way as I was thirty years back when I arrived, but rather more different for its smooth and unrippled surface, for its litany of events that might once have gotten me steamed and excited and now just roll on by like a river spread out into a lake where the water travels slowly and quiet and you don't get any ripples at the bank. Am I missing the ripples at the bank? They were a pain in the ass when I was younger. Exciting, yes. They made the time move quickly and I guess that was good, although time passes even more quickly today, I think. Much too quickly today. I think.

So be it. I think I'm going to write less often, but I hope better for the next few months. I thought about Nancy's statement that if she didn't make herself write every day she wouldn't write at all and I suspect some of that is true for this journal too. I've thought that and I've said that. This is the practice page, a way to try things out whether they work or not without worrying about looking like a dork before the Millions who visit. You know the Millions. They live on Baker Street near the park next to the Smiths and they visit every day. I see them in my reference logs. Hits by the Millions, Ralph and Betty, Jimmy and George.

I sent this Baskin - Robbins sign to Rien for his collection. I'm not sure it's appropriate. Not quite a Ronald McDonald happy clown face, but maybe a little too much in that direction. There are thousands of Baskin - Robbins 31 flavors signs in the States and thousands overseas (it says on their web site), some of them undoubtedly in the Netherlands. You all have Ronald McDonald posters on your living room walls, do you not? Right next to the bright yellow smiley face? Certainly you'd want a Baskin - Robbins number on your web page (would you not?). I can do better, Rien, but later. Much later, as is my habit.

I test drove a Jeep today. It's a small nasty not very comfortable painted red little beast with gas mileage so bad it doesn't even rank on the charts. Which means I'll probably buy it. If they have it in my color. Did you know they cost less than a Honda Civic (fully loaded)? Shows you what I know.

The banner photograph was taken on a recent weekend in San Francisco near Market Street from the window of a Starbucks. The soldier was guarding a Stealth fighter on display at the Pt. Magu air show. The Baskin - Robbins 31 flavors sign is attached to a store near Lake Merritt.