Shot some pictures of the cat Sunday, something I've been putting off now for some time. The problem seems to be motivation, getting in gear and setting up the equipment. The Sunday session was like pulling teeth. Have no idea why, but getting it together was a pain.

T had left some fresh catnip leaves cut from her garden on his desk some while back and since they only last for a certain number of days before they get moldy or turn brown or otherwise lose their oomph, the Sole Proprietor needed to get off his duff, give them to the cat and shoot the pictures.

First roll was a disaster. Cat out of the frame, out of focus, out of its head (but happy) and the Sole Proprietor shooting like an idiot. Even set the film speed wrong, although color prints will take a lot of overexposure and still print all right. Standard technique with prints: Overexpose, don't take a chance and underexpose. Found only two shots that rose to the level of mediocre and left those on T's desk. Embarassing. I don't think she was impressed.

The second roll was a lower speed slide film called Velvia. Notorious for deep saturated colors and the Sole Proprietor, although he seems to have forgotten how to focus or keep the subject in the frame, did a little better.

The Sole Proprietor has fundamentally not been happy with his photographs. He's been shooting now for about a year. The equipment is ridiculously good, so its not the equipment. It's the Sole Proprietor. Time to go back to basics, test his film and his equipment, analyze the photographs and do better. The logo shot at the top of this page isn't so bad, at least its sharp and the color seems right. The frame isn't that well composed, but the tongue is nice.

Well, so be it. This is a pretty light weight introduction for a journal, but the Sole Proprietor's feet are now wet. Let's see where it goes.


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