Plenty of hours, not enough days.

The Sole Proprietor has been working on his site, but not on his journal. Yesterday, for example, he was rummaging around his book shelves taking one down here, one down there and starting his list of 100 books. He was enjoying himself and didn't feel like writing another chapter in the Great American Journal. That's OK, the idea is to enjoy this. Not having a life is a little more bearable when you're having fun. Right?

This is, of course, a short week and the rumor is no one will be looking for the Sole Proprietor's work group after lunch on Wednesday. The holidays are here. The Sole Proprietor will put his feet up and think about additional books for his 100 books list and contemplate the photographic possibilities of this weekend, contemplate the fact that his car is on its last legs and he's going to have to buy another one, contemplate even more important things like the difference between light and dark, the bacteria count of undercooked oyster stuffing and the shadows that spill off the ceiling and onto the wall.

Perhaps the Sole Proprietor should go back to the book list. Shadows spilling off the ceiling and onto the wall seems a bit, um, forced to put it politely, but still, these are the things that are going on right now. The end of the year seems to be a good time to examine his navel, this year, last year, most years. He found some notes he'd made on the train ride home from Seattle last year about this time. Thoughts on things he wanted to do, things he wanted to change. Had he acted on any of these? Well, some.

He's had his first operation to correct the sleep apnea problem he's had all his life and he will have another one some time soon in February, perhaps March. That's good, that makes life easier, a decent night's sleep. He seems to be losing weight over the months, just a little bit each week, but it adds up. He's more lively, feels pretty good, still enjoys this photography stuff and learning the tools it takes to build this site. He suspects this will last into the summer, perhaps beyond.

He's had a history of getting bored and burned out or whatever with his work and this has not happened these last years. He's looking forward to learning NT 5.0 from the inside out, server side and client side. Maybe he'll move to web site management with his company or another, doesn't matter, but he'll be ready if it comes. Either way the work is good and the knowledge progresses. Nothing more than this? Who knows? At least its nothing less.

So, maybe the Sole Proprietor will put up a Christmas tree this weekend. He's going to shoot some film indoors for a change, something he's been threatening to do forever. The little pictures of masks on the home page will be altered, trying maybe, to key the face or the mask more tightly with the subject matter. The book list will grow, perhaps 100 will not be enough. Odd project for someone who no longer seems to read. Maybe that will change, but for now he doubts it.

He did scan a number of photographs for the "This Week's Photographs" section, but didn't get around to putting them together and posting the page. He needs to think about the heading to create for the section and how the photographs themselves should be presented. He doesn't want to write very much copy. He writes enough for the journal, no need to carry any more baggage for now.

The banner photograph was taken as the parade was forming for the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival this summer in San Francisco. There were a lot of very attractive ladies at that parade and the only decent pictures the Sole Proprietor got were of a paper face. The Sole Proprietor asks himself questions about this. Paper face?


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