On Line with Ian & BaddGrrl

The Sole Proprietor began an entry called "Expletives Included" for this day and then decided he'd opened a can of worms. The Sole Proprietor will pass on the worms. And the nematodes and the spiders and the broccoli too, thank you.

He optimized the jpeg above using a program called Adobe ImageReady which he bought with an Adobe Illustrator 8.0 upgrade. He's still a beginner with these things, Photoshop, Illustrator and now ImageReady (he has an old copy of PageMaker around here somewhere he may upgrade someday as well), but he's looking forward to more. More what? Just more.

ImageReady was able to compress the jpegs substantially reducing his home page by over 20K, under 50K total, which is nice since people don't like to grow old watching his jpegs load.

He's also been following some of the journal entries on the other Journal Ring sites, particularly some of the things being done on Iantestines. The proprietor of the Iantestines site writes a mean, tight, funnier than hell sentence and lately he's been doing a kind of verbal ping pong routine with BaddGrrl that's getting rude and out of hand.


"And to answer your question Lorraine, yes... I do sleep. But rarely. And when I do - I do so sitting up. Just found out that the Baddgrrl shouts out to have my love child - I urge her to reconsider since my DNA has been identified to be on the "gamey" side. Here's a quick if not spooky gander of a possible outcome should we proceed with this zygotic union. The technical term in conjoined twins, but they are also known as Siamese Twins after the famous twins Chang and Eng Bunker. At very least we'd be joined at the IANtestines."


"No children, I don't want you playing with Uncle Ian anymore. I know you think he's funny but sometimes his medication wears off... And those voices in his head can be very scary."

This is special stuff. The Sole Proprietor hopes it continues.


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