Gay Pride Parade, San Francisco, June 29, 1999
July 4th, 1999

Isn't That Wonderful
60 Minutes this evening did a feature on Finland and the Finnish attitudes toward interpersonal contact: holding hands, hugs, cheek to cheek dancing, saying "I love you", talking with strangers, tickling your date in the closet. Stuff like that. In a word, they don't. Do it. Telling your wife you love her might happen, but only after twenty or thirty years of marriage and even then only under unusual circumstances like she's on her death bed and needs a little cheering up. Assuming telling her you love her will cheer her up, of course.

I wonder how that translates to other Scandinavian countries? Like Denmark Gay Pride Parade, San Francisco. or Iceland, for example, the lands of my forefathers a few times removed? I suspect some of this stuff gets passed through the generations, the culture carried forward even in the new country. I hate to say it, but that makes sense of some things I've always wondered about. I'm not suggesting I don't like holding hands or cheek to cheek dancing, but there's always been a hesitation when it would have been better to put out a hand, when it would have been better to say something. Those of you contemplating a relationship with a Scandinavian should probably add a tickle test to the usual sobriety check. I know Finnish liquor habits are shared by her neighbors. Maybe its the snow and the lack of sunlight. I wonder how I'd have made it if we'd stayed in Iceland when I occasionally find it cold here in California? You do learn as you get older, I guess. Does that mean I may start dating again in my 90's?

I've been reading in both The Glass House and Shellyness about the Yahoo-Geocities merger and the language they're using to describe their "rights of ownership" to any material posted on a personal web site (or perhaps any web site) they are hosting. Shelly has reprinted the section in the entry I've linked to above and Kathryn Ash has already pulled her entries so I'm not able to link to them. The language is both stupid and scary. Stupid because they are going to lose a lot of clients, Shelly and Kathryn among them, and scary because Yahoo-Geocities is supposed to be the future, right? One of the answers to Microsoft? Even Microsoft isn't that stupid (alright, now I'm being stupid).

Today, the Fourth of July. I haven't heard a firecracker anywhere. Isn't that wonderful.

Both photographs were taken at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade last weekend.