Combination Fried Rice on Impeachment Day
Well, interesting. They say Clinton will be impeached tomorrow, letting a little known and even less understood monster out of its cage. Nobody knows what this means, the Sole Proprietor, for one, doesn't have a clue. Guess we'll find out.

Waitress who has stolen the Sole Proprietor's heart. There's a small Chinese restaurant on 12th Street in downtown Oakland where the Sole Proprietor and some of his coworkers had lunch today. The entrees, large and tasty, ran between $3.00 and $3.50. Which means the staff is living on leftover rice and Bok Choy and sleeping in the back on old mattresses in the damp, because with the fare they're providing, they sure can't be making money enough to pay any rent.

The Sole Proprietor and his cohorts felt badly since they were taking advantage of these folks by availing themselves of their fine menu Convivial compatriot begins with the soup. on the absolute cut rate. This feeling lasted all of about 2 seconds before they took their seats and ordered. The total came to $15.40 for four big eaters: soup, entrees and fortune cookies complete. We shall return. Monday, probably. The Sole Proprietor has also fallen hopelessly in love with the waitress, hopelessly because of her youth and obvious wisdom in matters of the heart (avoid old fools), so he'll come and leave large tips. Well, actually he'll come often, order lunch, leave a large tip and head into the afternoon. The Sole Proprietor has been hopelessly in love before, gets him all excited, better to load his camera, mind his business and clean his plate.

(Yes, yes, he'll post the name in the under $10 lunches section over the weekend. Hands off the waitress, though.)

The weekend is ahead. Christmas is on the way. The weather has been warm. How was your day? The Sole Proprietor's was OK.

The banner photograph was taken outside of a pawn shop on Telegraph Avenue late one afternoon recently when the light was right. The lady and the soup aficionado were taken with the Coolpix at a restaurant near the Sole Proprietor's office on 12th Street.