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Here In Oakland

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December 25, 2016


Sunday. To bed early, to sleep early and then up at seven-thirty. My, my. All this sleep to start a day of naps and then more naps along with a bath and reading the Sunday papers in bed. Thus this day has passed.

It is Christmas Day and the building is quiet. Can't think of any of the local restaurants or cafés that might be open, other than perhaps the Korean restaurant down the street, but still the same not hungry enough to talk myself out the door routine to stop me from finding out. And that's been the day, the mind fuzzy, the sinuses acting up.

Evening. Finally gave up and took a dose of the pain meds for the sinuses and it seems to have done some good. The fuzzy headed, don't want to do anything during the day except sleep reality, seems to have to a large degree passed. Not that I'm going to write any more coherently than what I've written before, fuzzy headed or not.

The two older episodes of Elementary that stopped airing recently at five in the afternoons on Sundays surprised me by airing today. And yes, I stumbled across them in the usual manner: finding one forty-five minutes after it had started on one channel and then that same episode repeating on another channel with a second episode in the series following right after.

Pretty exciting stuff around here on a Christmas Day, I'd say.

It was either that or a Carpenters Christmas concert on one of the public television stations or Suze Orman breathlessly discussing financial planning on another.

The image up top is of a Christmas card received last year.