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Here In Oakland

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December 19, 2016

Don't Do

Monday. To bed again early, getting to sleep and then awakening at quarter to six, taking my time getting up before walking to breakfast early on another cold dark morning, passing by three homeless people sleeping: one bundled up in a wheelchair at a bus stop, one in front of a store entrance not far down Grand and one, taken as I was on the way home, in a tent that had been erected under the 580 overpass. Cold takes on a different meaning when you see something like this.

Had the plain waffle, sliced strawberries and bananas for breakfast. Figured that would be a healthier choice after yesterday's blowout with comfort foods. The head seems somewhat clearer, the attitude good after yesterday's slog through mud. Maybe a better day ahead.

Bright sun on the way home to do the usual futzing with yesterday's entry before posting. Fuck it, it reads as it reads. Maybe there will be some revelatory meaning that pops out of it in some far future, but either way, any way, we'll just go with it as it is. We're amused. Must be or we wouldn't be doing it.

That is a definition of madness. Repeating the same failing task over and over, yet each time expecting a different result.

I mentioned it keeps us amused, did I not?

Evening. A day of television and tablet. Not even thoughts of a walk here or there. Watched Democracy Now!, as usual, skipping the half I'd missed this morning before starting for all of five minutes the first of two Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes episodes that started at seven. Like Cumberbatch, just don't much like this Sherlock series and so bailed. Which is weird as I follow the in many ways more over the top Holmes in Elementary.

No accounting for taste.

We don't do accounting here.

The photo up top was displayed on this day two years ago taken with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.