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December 16, 2016

Did Come

Friday. A decent night's sleep to awaken at just before six and get up, check for rain (no rain) and get ready to set out to breakfast, doing my best to think of ways to justify driving. Fortunately, as the walk was easy enough, I wasn't able to prevail and so a walk in the dark after two inches of rain last night on this Friday morning.

The Eggs Benedict breakfast, still no new menu. Fine. Cold out there for the few (I hope few) homeless people we have in the neighborhood. Cold enough for this one who's big problem on any given morning is whether to drive or not. We do remember that. Often as not, but not often enough.

Are we getting all maudlin this morning? Drifting toward the edge?

Tis the season and the state of the head. Nothing out of the norm, just the usual sloppier as the years go along babbling. Not as bad as yesterday, but you never know and there's still an entire (albeit sunny) day not to mention week ahead.

Later. I'd looked at short sections of Charlie Rose last night and made it a point to watch it straight through today. Every now and then he strikes gold with his guests and the two interview sessions were good examples. Different looks at current life and politics that make you think. Ta-Nehisi Coates on the Obama presidency and Tom Steyer on climate, Trump and the American predicament.

Enough television and bright sun, so a walk over to the Lake wondering if I should take the bus downtown, one due at the stop in ten minutes. No, didn't want to go downtown, didn't want to get anything to eat. Cold out there under a bright sun, even bundled up as I was. The younger folks walking here and there were less warmly dressed without any apparent distress and so we'll chalk it up to the ever convenient culprit.

Warm here in the apartment, though, now that we're back.


Later still. Watched the last episode of the eight episode Nobel on the tablet, a Norwegian series, after returning from the walk. I bitch about the quality of most of what's offered on Netflix, but now and again one is worth the waiting and this turned out to be one. A different culture, yes, so differences you have to feel your way around. It certainly had the feeling of Ingmar Bergman films, dialog without dialog, stone faces in cold climes, but this one was populated with tight dialogue and political characters who do things even the Mafia couldn't consider. Well, wouldn't be able to bring off.

No one can get any idea of what this series is about reading that.

Maybe if I were less foggy and spent more time thinking about it.

Evening. Watched some of Democracy Now! (more political dirty tricks), started a new movie on the tablet, got up to check out the New Tricks episode. Yes, I'd seen it before and had no idea how it turned out. These later episodes with a later set of characters don't work as well as the earlier ones. Either that or I'm burned out.

Not a bad day. Nothing too over the top, the sinuses behaving mostly, the head clear (what I now consider clear, not sure I'd have said the same decades back) although I did, this late afternoon, walk to the local 7-11 look-alike for a Hershey bar and a pint of strawberry ice cream and so now the mouth is getting what I call “dry”. No ocular signs yet, but in days past ocular migraine signs did come.

The photo up top was taken at the June LGBT Pride Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.