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December 14, 2016

The Norm

Wednesday. Lights out early to get what I thought a pretty decent night's sleep when I awoke just before six and got up without particular angst or effort. Definitely overcast, but it didn't look like rain for a while and so a walk to breakfast, passing what was now a pile of discarded other pieces people had put out for pickup today, my contribution now only making up maybe a fifth of the total.

The plain waffle with sliced strawberries and bananas with the usual fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, no thought to order anything more substantial. We're hearing there'll be a new menu tomorrow.

A few drops of rain on the way home, but they turned out to be nothing to worry about. The trash pickup people had said they'd come by between eight and five today and eight seems to have been the magic hour as the apartment house front door area was now clear when I arrived. Good. Package delivery, when they say between ten and eight on any given day doesn't usually arrive until much later.

I should go by the bank and a card shop today, but the sky is sitting at the edge of ominous. Still, if I don't take a chance now, with the rain they're saying will start tonight, I'll have to put it off until Friday. Which is OK, but I'm good at putting things off, not something you want to do this time of year before Christmas.

Later. A walk to the bank on Lakeshore and then over to the card shop, thinking maybe get something to eat after, but decided to go on and pick up the prescription refill I'd gotten a call on earlier saying one was ready. This one cost $1.24. I can deal with $1.24.

Back home to take the pain meds I'd skipped this morning, the sinuses and such acting up enough to need them. Pain in the sinuses are also a pain in the butt. Which I believe I've mentioned. Often.

Still not quite hungry, but closer and so set out for the burger drive-in after I got home to pick up a grilled chicken sandwich. Overcast still, some brief showers, but both outings, the hour to the bank and and the ten minutes for the burger, were dry. Good. Much more done today than you'd think from the errands described.

Evening. An interesting Democracy Now! with what was essentially a debate on the current perceptions of our relationship with Russia, a wider debate than you usually find in the news media giving a more comprehensive idea of how many “groups” there are both within and without the government and how each of them might want to spin it to favor their own varying interests. So many players, so much spinning, so little real information.


No wiser, just more questions.

Checked out Charlie Rose as I always do and bailed (as I most always do) and went to bed. A foggy headed sinus driven day, actually. Foggy enough you hope days like these don't become the norm.

The photo up top was taken of Carol Doda in the early 1970's at the Rip Off Press with a Canon Film camera mounted with a Canon lens I can no longer recall, as both were stolen some ten years later.