Young lady taking an order at last week's going away party.

Digital Cameras Won't Make You Cry
Jim They don't have little nicks and specs in them, these digital images. The Sole Proprietor got the digital camera, popped in an 8M RAM card, read enough of the manual to operate it in automatic mode and went around the office shooting whatever came in sight. The power outage in San Francisco made the day a little quieter than usual, two members of his group live in San Francisco and didn't make it into the office. The Sole Proprietor drove in around 7 and didn't learn of the outage until it was almost over, plenty of time to take the occasional photo without people getting too upset.

Well, there will be more photos as the days progress. He's not Lesliesure when tomorrow's page will be uploaded, since he will be on the train. He'll write an entry, since he's bringing a laptop with him, and he'll shoot some photos on the train itself if he has the courage to get right up into people's faces, but he won't have access to the Internet until Thursday night. Life is hard. 24 hours without a fix from the net. (He's kidding, you know. The Sole Proprietor talks and acts the way he writes and occasionally he has to remind his audiance that he's kidding. All of you understand this, right? He's kidding. Kidding.)

Jim didn't have time to check out his recipe the Sole Proprietor posted Oakland City Center in the recipe section yesterday. It needs some work on the heads and he sees a typo or two in the instructions, but all will come together soon enough. Why is it when you go on vacation that you even think about deadlines or getting anything done? Typos? Let em age a little, a month or two, get a little ripe while you're out of town. He needs this vacation. He's too much of a loner, he needs these things, talk with real people who have families and homes in the suburbs and mortgages and worries about getting the kids through school. Charges his batteries, makes him feel much better about this bachelor stuff when he gets home.

So here the Sole Proprietor sits. He needs to do his packing. He needs to make a list of things of remember and be sure he brings the things he needs, a Oakland City Center carousel of old slides he owes his sister that is now a year late in its arrival, some books for his nephew, books that he acquired when he was younger, things he still likes, but his nephew will like better. The Sole Proprietor doesn't like packing. Most people don't like packing, but the Sole Proprietor makes a fetish of it. Why make a fetish of it? There are people in this world that have these things worked out way in advance. Do they do it because they have their heads together or do they do it because they get really freaked if it all isn't done in time. Like the mother of a friend who bought and filled out postcards before going on vacation so they'd be done and she wouldn't have to take time and buy them and write them on the trip. How does that work? The Sole Proprietor isn't sure. This verges on a definition of insanity in the Sole Proprietor's lexicon, but maybe its a sign of haviing it together. Does the Sole Proprietor believe this? Not.

Time to quit. Bad to write these things when you have some pictures you want Oakland City Center to surround with copy but don't have anything to say. Don't need to run more than one or two pictures in any given entry, but this camera is really something else. It's a camera that acts like a computer. Has a little screen that displays the picture, thinks about things while displaying a little windows hour glass that fills about one quarter of the screen. The Sole Proprietor needs to be with this thing for a while, to take it with him wherever he goes, sleep with it under his pillow. It fits into his pants pocket. Compared to a Nikon F-5 that weighs something just less than a brick and is about the same size, this thing is a miniature, but a real time miniature. A Polaroid without the messy prints.

Good thing they give the Sole Proprietor 50 megs of space for his web page. He's going to need it with all these jpegs.

The banner photograph is not very well exposed, but was taken last week at Pacific Coast Brewery at another going away party. The rest of the photographs were taken with the Nikon Coolpix 900s digital camera today (he! he!). The first two, Jim and Leslie, were taken in the office, the third of Maria was taken when the Sole Proprietor was out and about and the last two are of the Oakland City Center.