Mural, Berkeley, Shattuck Avenue.

HTML, Microsoft and Netscape
Moan. The Sole Proprietor's Journal page doesn't display the same way under I.E. 4.x as it does under Netscape 3.04. So what else is new? There may be a way to get rid of the bottom scroll bar displayed by Netscape and not I.E., but the Sole Proprietor hasn't found it yet. He has a copy of Navigator 4.x on one of his machines at work, he'll take a look at how that displays and if its OK, he'll say good enough.

How many people out there use browsers earlier than 4.x? Hard to say, but the Sole Proprietor's whole company uses Netscape 3.04 or I.E. 3.02 which means anybody who surfs it at work will probably see the greyed out scroll bar where no scroll bar should be. The Sole Proprietor is no great designer, particularly in this Journal Ring group, but he doesn't like any fucking greyed out scroll bars appearing on his Journal page sir.

Shifting gears, Rien Post mentioned that 25% of his work group was ill at the moment and he wasn't feeling so hot himself. 25%? That's a lot. The Sole Proprietor missed the free flu shot his company provided this year and he wonders if he's made a mistake. Of course, it might not be the flu. Doesn't everything have to roll through California before its allowed out into the rest of the world? He thinks there's a natural law on that, Primogeniture or something. (The Sole Proprietor just ran the spell check on "Primogeniture". Weird, it says he spelled it right.)

Flu or not, one week and he's on the train to Seattle. Vacation is looming. Got to get some things done at work before he leaves. He's been busy. He had a procedure done on his palate, his teeth checked (They'll tell him about the damage next week.), a sleep study scheduled for just after Christmas, his first eye exam in about a digillion years, a whole bunch of blood tests, a bunch of doctor's appointments to schedule more blood tests, a notice for jury duty, some lunches with friends who left the company for better pastures long ago and, um, an occasional productive day at work.

He's not felt better than he does right now in a very long time. Sleep seems to be real sleep, he wakes up ready to go, he has lots of energy at work and he's starting to think of ways to tighten down his labs. Make them a little more professional so they actually produce useful results. And all of this is due to what? Well, the sleep thing is important. Evidently he hasn't been sleeping worth a damn for the last 30 years, something they say they've only become aware of, really, in the last five.

Better late than never, but its weird to see how much better he feels and how really down and tired he's been for a very long time past. The scary part is how he didn't really seem to be aware of it. He's aware now in retrospect that he was running on three cylinders, but all that time he just seemed to accept it without complaint. The Sole Proprietor is thinking maybe that doesn't say much about the Sole Proprietor and hopes he never does it again. Lie down without complaint. "...rage, rage against the dying light!" and there the Sole Proprietor sits, watching, thinking he'd like another tuna sandwich and a Camel cigarette.

Well, tomorrow will be better, right after they take more blood. Good thing they open at seven and the hospital is on his way to work.

The banner photograph was taken on Shattuck Avenue near the BART station in Berkeley last November. The Sole Proprietor has no idea what it is or what it's about, but he's sure its good Politically correct stuff.