A Blues Mask??

A friend said she thought the Sole Proprietor shot too many pictures of women. Not enough men. The Sole Proprietor agrees he shoots more pictures of women than men. It's the too many part. He doesn't understand the too many part.

These were taken at the Berkeley Blues Festival held between the BART station on Shattuck and the University. The festival ran from 2:00 til 10:00 PM on Saturday the 29th. The Sole Proprietor arrived just before 2:00, took a couple of photographs, had a slice of pizza down the block and returned around 2:15 ready to begin.

The Sole Proprietor was experimenting with exposure. He wants to get people's faces correctly exposed letting the background take care of itself.

To do this, the Sole Proprietor must allow for skin color and the bright contrast of the sunny day by under exposing black skin by about two stops and over exposing white skin set against a bright background by about one stop. This takes practice and the Berkeley Blues Festival was where the Sole Proprietor began to work this out.

Some thoughts: The logo doesn't say blues, but he's a sucker for balloons. Nice blobs of color. He's also a sucker for masks. Any old masks. There was a shot of a glass of beer on a drum head that he just missed getting as the first band was packing.

Kicked himself for that, but he was busy futzing with the over exposure under exposure thing when a musician scooped it up. Would have made a much better intro to the subject. But, what the hell, the Sole Proprietor doesn't have any editors to report to. Kind of sloppy though.

Around 4:30 the Sole Proprietor was feeling tired so he went home. Watched a Japanese gangster movie. A good Japanese gangster movie. One that the critics have written approving things about, but still, there was a blues festival going on that won't be repeated until next year.

Not only that, he could have gotten in some night shooting. Lots of nice neon lights and colored spots. Not all that many chances to do that and now with September at hand, not that many of these events left.

But it was late. He had two rented movies, both Japanese. And it was the weekend. This is a hobby, after all. It's supposed to be fun. Next year he'll come around 6:00 and stay til the end. Should have better control on this exposure thing by then.

Unless, of course, he runs into some nice new Japanese movies. With Toshiro Mifune in full 15th century drag, brandishing a sword and searching for Satori along a Japanese road. (Click to see another written treatment.)

Beam me back,

Dancer with a good attitude and a tattoo. Face half light, half shadow.
Guitarist for the first band to play. Dancer from the crowd.
Light and shadow. Real photographers do much better than this.
Dead head, blues head: It all makes you dance. This guy played a nice horn.
Face in the crowd. Pretty face in the crowd.