The Inevitable "Cute Cat" Photographs
May 29, 1998.

Mr Woose in a relaxed condition.

Mr Woose aware.

The cat, who came to the Sole Proprietor's house carrying the moniker Mr. Woose, is a little crazy after having rolled around in some fresh catnip. The Sole Proprietor has a friend who grows it under a cat proof fence and was kind enough to drop some by so that Mr. Woose might roll about on the floor and have a conversation with God.

The Sole Proprietor shot the sorry spectacle with a 135mm lens and a strobe at a distance of about six feet on the living room foor. Mr. Woose was moving fast and many of the photographs were not framed as well as the Sole Proprietor might have liked, but overall, things seem to have turned out OK.

The Sole Proprietor is going to shoot a soccer match tomorrow, two teams assembled from the Sole Proprietor's fellow workers who happen to have a passion for the game. He thinks. Anyway, you might look at May 30, when it crops up, to see if he has managed to capture the classic sports photo. Or maybe semi-classic. Or maybe one or two in focus.