Memorial Day Weekend
May 24, 1998.

Face in the window.

Sunday, May 24th, the first "photo retouching" done with Photoshop. The image to the right required minimal retouching, but the Sole Proprietor worked over the March 8th pictures to good effect. He's not sure how much this program has to offer, but he's seen some incredible things lately done for the Web. Let's see if he has the patience to persist.

The Sole Proprietor has been reviewing the photos he's taken over the last few months. Not so good. This really isn't a problem, it takes a long time to create a vision of where this photography thing is going, but he needs to shoot more film and experiment more. He now has the equipment to do some studio shots. Product shots they're sometimes called. Whole new area of endeavor. Maybe he'll like what he sees and maybe he'll shoot some things that work.

The photo to the right was taken through a building window on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley near the Bart station. The work of an artist and not the work of the Sole Proprietor. If the image is successfull it is successfull through the efforts of the artist and not the Sole Proprietor's photography. Still, a nice image.

These are some more, um, window images. Good fun.

Mask in Blue.
Mask in Yellow.
Mask in Blue.