Cinco de Mayo Parade, San Francisco
May 3, 1998.

Dancer in Green.

Sunday, May 3rd, the Cinco de Mayo Parade was held in San Francisco. These photographs were taken at the start of the parade at 24th and Bryant streets using a 200mm lens and these are five photos out of some 200 taken.

The Sole Proprietor had taken photos at the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade in San Francisco the weekend before. The Cherry Blossom Parade started where the Cinco de Mayo Parade ended, at the San Francisco Civic Center and the Sole Proprietor used a 35-70mm zoom lens with a strobe to cover it.

They didn't turn out so hot, so the Sole Proprietor thought he'd follow an old photographers adage: When the people shots don't work, move in closer. Hence a move to 200mm from 70mm. Should have used the strobe for fill flash on these, though.

Young Girls Dancing.

It has been a long time since the Sole Proprietor has been to the Mission 24th street area. He once lived on Potrero Hill just over the way and knew 16th street through 24th street pretty well.

It has changed much for the better. He doesn't remember the trees, there were no murals on the walls of buildings and the street seemed somewhat cold and gray, not the vibrant alive area it is today. Some things change for the better. Might be a nice place for the Sole Proprietor to live. If he can afford it.

Young Girl.
Warrior Makes Whoopie.
Older Young Girl.