Two more friends from long ago rescued from the archives.
March 12, 1998


More pictures from the past. The color photo of Phil was taken at a picnic somewhere in a small park in Mill Valley circa mid seventies. Last I heard he was teaching Television Journalism, which is OK, I guess, but we all started in print. I hope, at least, he stresses Edward R. Murrow news reality in what has become a song and dance world.

The Sole Proprietor just didn't have enough money to shoot enough pictures during this period. No complaints, he wouldn't trade it for the world, but look at the lighting of Phil's face. Too much contrast. Get his back to the sun and try a little fill flash. Of course, the camera was bought from a professional photographer friend for $90 (with the admonition that it was probably hot) and he didn't own a fill flash (the camera was, in turn, fittingly stolen from him, following its own peculiar world line), but all this back lit stuff with horrible contrast could have been averted with a little study and practice.


The blond lady is Susan, taken by the Sole Proprietor (who had it pretty bad for the blond lady at the time). Ah yes, well Susan.... The Sole Proprietor's performance during this period was uneven with a great deal too much gravitas, but he learned lots about himself in retrospect. And, to a large degree, has Susan to thank for it. Thank you, Susan. Al mentioned he'd talked with you in the early 1980's, you were working on an oil rig somewhere off the coast of Alaska. "Up" in the oil rig. Which made sense, somehow.

I wasn't developing my own black and white negatives back then (these are all Tri-X 135-36) basically using custom shops and have kept them pretty much safe in sleeves. Wonder where all the scratches and crud have come from. Maybe I'll rewash them and introduce them to Photoshop.