A date the Sole Proprietor generally remembers,
when the moon is full and the wind is in the trees.
March 8, 1998

Phillipa Phillipa at the first Bay Area 
                        Renaissance Faire Phillipa

These are some pictures from the past. The shots of the young lady were taken by the Sole Proprietor over 20 years ago. As you can tell, he's been using his scanner. The lady's name is Phillipa. The Sole Proprietor had forgotten how lovely she was.

How are you these days, Ziggy Stardust? I hope you are well.

Today happens to be the Sole Proprietor's birthday. He's feeling pretty good and is playing with his slide scanner. After the usual introspection when yet another birthday goes flying by, The Sole Proprietor thought it might have been better if he'd condensed what he'd learned in his first 50 years and scrunched it down into his first 20. He might then have paid more attention as a youth to things of importance such as photography, digital computers, model railroads and Lady Phillipa. Dream on, Sole Proprietor.