Governor, now Oakland Mayor Brown
June 26, 1998.

Governor/Mayor Brown.

On June 22, the Sole Proprietor was walking around Lake Merrit in Oakland, when he met, coming in the opposite direction, Governor, now Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown and a companion, both dressed in unbuttoned charcoal grey double breasted suits walking toward him on the sidewalk. Beside the sidewalk was a putting green with perhaps five people on the green practicing.

The golfers and the Governor said hello, good to see you, etc. and one of the golfers asked if the Governor knew how to play golf. Well yes, said the Governor, sure he did. The golfer offered the Governor his putter and suggested he take a shot at the hole some 10 or 12 feet distant.

The Governor took the putter, strode to the ball, took a firm stroke and sank it dead center. Thank you, he said, and he and his companion then continued to walk on by. The Sole Proprietor should have, as a proper photographer, gotten in close and shot more than one picture. Ah, well. He did get the one above. Not the best exposure.

Beam me back, Scotty!