Thoughts about this site. No particular plan,
just some thoughts, as they occur.

January 24, 1998

This commentary and the pictures are an experiment. North Bay Business Computers is a company, but this site is a personal site and used to teach the Sole Proprietor more about HTML and, perhaps, to develop a personal style that fits this medium. Mistakes, dorky copy and not so great pictures are part of the deal. Takes time to work the bugs out. You're welcome to peruse if you have the urge.

With the exception of some animated graphics downloaded from Barry's Clip Art (good site, good source), as of this date, this site has no graphics. That should change pretty quickly with the imminent acquisition of a slide scanner.

The idea was always to include pictures, animated graphics and off the wall Photoshop experiments to offset the deathless prose. It will be interesting to see if anything develops. The Sole Proprietor is quirky about these things.