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These are pictures taken at C.L.'s "Goodbye and good luck with your new job have a drink after work" party. This has been a too common event, seeing people leave the company one two three at a time as we go through downsizing, reorganization and aquisition.

The Sole Proprietor has nothing to complain about. He's a computer geek. Everybody has them, but not everybody knows how to make them work. The Sole Proprietor knows how to make them work. Eventually. Pretty much. Which means he can find another job at the drop of a hat. Right? They say so in the papers so he's safe. Right?

Working in a place where you might at any moment be declared an excess resource (people are called resources in the business world) sucks. One day things are going along swell, the rent is paid, there's not too big a balance on the Visa card and blam! You've got to find another job before the rent comes due, the car payment comes due and the ISDN line goes dead. Which they will. Tomorrow.

So the Sole Proprietor goes to C.L.'s going away party and has a drink or two and wonders. Another familiar face gone. No great and close friend, but someone you've dealt with. Someone who has a good reputation. A real company "resource". Who will give you an ironic smile hello, should you pass in the hall.

The Sole Proprietor shoots a couple of pictures. Nothing special. Just the people sitting across the table. A smaller number than in the past. Everybody toasting goodbye to C.L. and wondering a little if their time is next. And how many people might be left by then to raise a beer goodbye.

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Party goer. C.L.
Party goer.
Party goer. Party goer.